Monday, March 24, 2008

Talmud 555 Cubit links North American Union to Kazakh Capital

The cubit is an ancient unit of measurement that was used in the design of many important

structures in the ancient classical world of Rome, Greece , Babylon and other empires of

antiquity. There are different units of measurement depending on the culture that haves minor

differences. The Talmudic cubit is 555 mm. This is interesting as Adolf Hitler's party number is

555 and the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall which of course is 6,660 inches.


1. Talmudic Cubit is 555 - link from Washington Monument to Great Pyramid - / "talmudist cubit of 555 mm" .

2. The jews were in captivity in Babylon. This is where the Talmud has its origins. Scroll down

80% "The Babylon Talmud , a jewish book of commentary was written near here." .

3. The Talmud has 2711 pages. . This

is counting both sides of a leaf as one page. If one counts each side as a page as in a book bought

in a store, the number becomes 5510.

4. If one extrapoltates the 5510 into lines of latitude and longitude one comes up with 55.10

N latitude. Banff , Canada is at 55.10 N Latitude. .

5. The latitude of the new capital of Kazakhstan, which is replete with new illuminati designed

structures is at latitude 51.50 N . .

6. Banff is where the secret meeting linked to the Security and Prosperity Partnership

took place with top leaders of Canada, Mexico and the USA. The purpose is to create a North

American Union based on corporate fascism. scroll to bottom .

7. Astana is a new city built on the windswept steppes of that vast Siberian hinterland. No one

could figure out why it was built where it was. .


What does this mean? For one thing... The cult of the illuminati 555 links the Royal Cubit of the

babylon Talmud to Adolf Hitler and the Washington Monument or 666. It is that simple.

Further, the illuminati are claiming Kazakhstan and its vast oil and gas reserves for world

zionism, the driving force behind the Bankster cabal that is the primary front for the elite

satanists. The North American Union is their project. The choice of Banff as the location for the

secret meeting says it all. There are many heads to the hydra serpent - but only one mind , that

of the devil himself. Do the math........numbers don't lie.

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