Saturday, March 29, 2008

33/5 KKK linked to Statue of Liberty

Odd links with numerology appear to create the strangest bedfellows so to speak. The number

33/5 has been associated with the KKK. see: .

The Masonic goddess Columbia known as the Statue of Liberty in NYC has 335 steps. It

was built by the Freemason Bartholdi. and

Bartholdi Masonic = . Google Statue of Liberty 335

steps - for more links.

Further, an odd mathematical development is that when one multiplies :

33/5 x Pi x Phi = 33.5491444 ... as one can see the result is the masonic number 33 and even of

more interest is that it coincides with 33/5 = 33.5. Simply go to google and insert :

33/5 x Pi x Phi = . To find the result. .

Also , what is 33/5 ? If you place the number , again in google and hit search, the answer that

appears is 6.6 The number 66 is associated with the spiritual broken vessels or shards known

in the Kabbalah as the Qlippoth.


Gutzon Borglum , a member of the Imperial Koncilium of the KKK worked on the Statue of

Liberty. scroll to near bottom. . Could there be

a connection between these factors? It sure is strange that a numerical klan symbol , when

multiplied by Phi an Pi ends up with the same numbers in order. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

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