Sunday, March 2, 2008

666 + Pi + Phi + e equals Tallest Building in Quebec

The illuminati-masonic-reptilian architecture of modern life and so-called civilization is built to

create an effect on the human subconscious. The desired effect is to show that the system is vast

and all powerful. It is to shrink the human dimension to nothingness and make people think , as

the fictional Borg in the Star Trek television series used to say - "Resistance is Futile... all will be

assimilated". This article provides additional albeit brief evidence to show that the use of the

most famous irrational numbers , pi , phi and e is intermingled with 666 - The Beast System as

part-and-parcel of this black magick in glass, steel and stone.

The Evidence:

1. Go to and insert: 666 + Pi + Phi + e = .

The answer should be: 673.477908 .

2. The tallest building in Montreal and all of Quebec is 1000 de la Gauchetiere, at 51 floors and

673 feet (205) meters. .

The 673 could be construed as a hidden or coded 666. This could then be construed logically as

saying 666 is "over" , figuratively as well as literally, all of Quebec and the city of Montreal.


Is this again a coincidence or a fact? The reader must determine.

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