Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cubit x 666 aligns three Southernmost USA State Capitals

The illuminati mega-ritual exposure continues. Much of what is discovered is disturbing in the

extreme as the vast nature of the conspiracy is exposed. Clearly, whatever is behind it cannot

be remotely human. The precision, the timeframe, the hidden yet plainly discernible nature of

the evil in disguise is shocking. The current article indicates the likely possibility that the three

southernmost capitals of the USA, Austin, Tallahassee and Baton Rouge are in alignment with

each other AND the number of the antichrist multiplied by the Cubit, the ancient unit of

measure for the pyramids , the ark of the covenant and other ancient wonders of the world.


1. Go to and insert Cubit x 666 = .

2. The result should be: 304.4952 meters.

3. Using prior techniques of extrapolating the number into lines of latitude or longitude, one

can come up with latitude 30.44 N or S . The same can be done for Longitude E or W.

4. Baton Rouge , Louisiana is the capital of the Katrina destroyed State and sits on latitude

30.44 N - .

5. Tallahassee , Florida is the Capital of Florida it also sits on latitude 30.44 - / .

6. Austin, the Capital of the Freemason created Republic of Texas and now State of Texas,

also - big surprise ! - sits on 30.44 latitude. .


Esteemed Reader... what is your definition of coincidence? The three southermost State capitals

of the USA are in near perfect geospatial alignment along a number that is the ancient mystery

religion / sacred geometry unit of measure - the cubit, multiplied by the number of the filth

known as the antichrist. All three States lead in executions of inmates and were slave states in

the USA civil war. The Bush brothers sent hundreds to death row executions from Tallahassee

and Austin. Again, you are respectfully asked - - what is your definition of coincidence?

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