Sunday, June 28, 2009

666 links Freemasonry to USA Canada Border & 9/11

The freemasonic illuminati elite have a number-based reason for virtually everything they do.

It is embedded in their plans... time , date , location , height , angle , and any factor computable

by mathematics is within their domain.

This phenomena was discovered to link the would-be USA - Canada border that many

masonic imperialists wanted as the norther border for the USA in the 1840s. They had a line of

latitude and a slogan - 54.40 or Fight. This article exposes the satanic reason for their designs.

One which continues to the present day in the now stalled creation of the North American Union.

1. 54.40 or Fight : . The line of latitude 54.40 N happens to be the border

between Alaska and Canada. The hope of the USA expansionists was to have the whole border

along this line. Also: .

2. President James K. Polk. The Eleventh USA President was a high-ranking Freemason. and .

3. The 1840s was also the time frame of the Mexican-American War which "coincidentally"

resulted in the 33rd Parallel , sacred to Freemasons , falling into US hands. A few miles that

were missed resulted in the 1853 Gadsen Purchase which led to the entire 33 Parallel in North

American Territory being under the masonic leaders of the USA. Was this the real reason or a

part of the real reason for the Mexican-American War? .

4. The WTC 6 exploded , burned and ultimately fell at 9:04 a.m. The 544th minute of the day. and .

This was the US Customs House. The employees escaped minutes before it blew up. No one says

Why it blew up or offers an explanation to the present day.

5. The 9/11 Attacks were of suspected Neo-Masonic origin. There are historical roots for the

choice of date. .


The Number 544 is linked to the Number 666: "666 is the 544th Composite number..." scroll

down to near bottom. . Another

sign-of-the-times that the 9/11 attacks were a mega-ritual of evil or...more coincidence?

666 links Angels & Demons to Empire State Building

A new numerological link has been discovered between the skyscraper known as the Empire

State Building and the Tom Hanks starring movie named Angels & Demons. The number 666

and other numbers associated with evil in numerology appear to combine in the movie and the

New York tower.

1. The number 503 is linked to the Illuminati in the movie Angels & Demons. .

2. The Number 503 has a link with 303 minutes which adds up to the hour of 5:03 a.m. The

303rd Day of an Ordinary Year is October 30, also known as Devil's Night. .

3. If you add 503 to 303 you get 806 which is a number associated with 666. and .

4. If you add together 806 and 666 , the sum is 1472. The Empire State Building is 1,472 feet

tall to the tip of the Antenna. and also .

5. provides additional information on Illuminist activity in the Empire State

Building. See also "In Amerika, one of the 33 cent stamps had the Empire State Building on it" .


From movies to architecture, the Illuminati brainwashing machine , like the evil it serves,

never sleeps. Who can resist the relentless brainwashing? Who dares to?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

X-Men Wolverine Dog Tag Meaning Exposed

This writer saw the X-Men Origins movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine the other day.

The plot has this character wearing a military "Dog Tag". This writer looked at the number and

decided to see if there was a code or meaning to it. The following is what was discovered. It may

be coincidence or conspiracy - full of meaning or devoid of design - that is for the reader to


1. Background on X-Men Origins - Wolverine: and .

2. The number of the dog tag is 458-25-243 : .

3. The number 458: At - 458 degrees below zero , there is a complete absence of heat. It

cannot get any colder than this or better said there cannot be less heat than a complete absence

of heat itself. .

"Dante's Inferno depicts satan as living in a frozen wasteland" .

4. The number 25: 5squared or 5 x 5. The Law of Fives linked to the Illuminati. - .

5. The Number 243: A mathematically speaking "Apocalyptic Number". There are altogether

243 isotopes of all natural existing elements. and .

6. The movie X-Men Origins had to do in some part with the search for a stone, a meteor with

special attributes needed to make Wolverine's claws into indestructible metal. If you add the

numbers 458 + 25 + 243 , the sum is 726. See: "Its initials make the word V I T R I O L , the

Universal Solvent, to be discussed later. )Its value is 726 = 6 x 112 = 33 x 22). " scroll down

50% . The Universal Solvent is a name

for the alchemist's Philosopher's Stone. This substance transmutes matter and turns lead into

gold, among other attributes.

7. The number 726 is twice 363 a number associated with the ancient egyptian god Thoth. See: .

8. Thoth is the deity associated with Alchemy: .


The Dog Tags used by Logan / Wolverine are of Canadian military style. They can be broken

in half. Half of 762 is 363 , the number of the egyptian god Thoth - the god of alchemy , the

ultimate transformation. .

The Calgary Tower ( in Canada for those who do not know) has 762 steps to the top. .

The Torch is a symbol of the Illuminati. During the 1988 Winter Games, the Calgary Tower

became the world's largest Olympic Torch . . Wolverine is the comic

book version of the Illuminati Masonic Antichrist. This dovetails with the belief that many have

that the antichrist may be a canadian citizen.

Throughout their movies and propaganda, they are preparing the masses for the arrival of evil.

Will you be ready? Will you resist?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Las Vegas Stratosphere is a 666 Magic Square

Many iconic and impressive architectural creations are attempt by the illuminati to brainwash

the masses with their glory, their power...their damnable pride. Continued research discloses

ever more clues. This particular article exposes the hidden 666 in the tallest building in the

State of Nevada and city of Las Vegas known as the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. and -

You can watch a nude vampire show there named BITE "based on deliciously evil vampires with

a simple story line of sin, sex and seduction." .

"In base 10, 666 is a palindromic number, a repdigit and a Smith number. A prime reciprocal

magic square based on 1/149 in base 10 , has a magic total of 666." .

The Height of the Stratosphere Tower is 1,149 Feet. .


A 666 Magic Square Tower filled with wannabe-vampires rises over the Desert in Sin City

Las Vegas. . Is the odd height a coincidence or a metaphor for the pyramid formed by the

1/149 - 666 convergence? (Scroll to bottom for view of 666 Pyramid metaphor for Stratosphere) .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

666 links NYC Crane Collapse to Angels & Demons

The present article compiles information from previous articles into a pattern. This writer did

not previously see a connection between articles linking the Tom Hanks starring movie Angels &

Demons with a Ley Line for NASA's Cape Canaveral and a tragic NYC Crane Collapse. This

article hopes to piece together the pieces of the puzzle for the reader.


1. The Number 806 is linked to 666 and the NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral: .

2. The Number 806 is linked to 666 and The so-called Pascal Triangle:

3. The number 303 and 503 have been linked to Devil's Night and the movie Angels & Demons .

*** It should have been obvious to this writer that if you add 303 and 503 you end up with 806.

4. The address of the NYC Crane Disaster , the worst industrial accident in NYC history is

303. This event has previously been linked to the Illuminati and their alleged ritual called The

Burning Man Festival. .


The movie Angels & Demons essentially was about Satan taking over the House of

God , it is essentially a tale of the collapse of the Power of God and its replacement with the

Fallen Angel. The Crane is a symbol of Communication or Communion with God. That being the

Crane as a bird not a mechanical device. .

The Crane Collapse , caused by Illuminati rituals was designed to simulate the collapse of

man's communion with God . See it and weep.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Devil's Night links Tom Hanks to Fatboy Slim

*Warning* This article will give away portions of the Movie "Angels and Demons" starring

Tom Hanks. Please do not read until after you have seen the movie unless you do not plan on

seeing the movie.*

1. In Angels and Demons, a Catholic Priest attempts to orchestrate the destruction of the

Vatican using an anti-matter bomb. He then becomes the "Hero" and saves the Vatican leading

to many Cardinals wanting to make him Pope by acclamation.

2. Tom Hanks mentions in the movie that the number 503 is linked to the Illuminati , but that

no one can figure this out as to meaning or purpose.

3. This writer has deciphered the meaning. The 303rd minute of the day would be 5:03 a.m. .

4. The 303rd Day of the Year is October 30, also known as Devil's Night. Massive arson takes

place on this day, particularly in Michigan.'s_Night and .

5. Room 303 was of importance in the illuminati linked movie THE MATRIX. It is also a

Bass synthesizer whose music or sound accompanies the fight sequences. .

6. The musician Fatboy Slim has an album titled ILLUMINATI. The first single for fatboy was


7. As noted in the previous link, the song was featured in the movie LARA CROFT:Tomb

Raider. In that movie , Lara Croft character claims that her father was "a member of the

Illuminati" . .

8. Angelina Jolie , who plays the character Lara Croft is a member of the Illuminati herself. / .

9. In the so-called BibleWheel, the number 503 stands for satan taking over The House of

God , which dovetails with the theme of the movie, Angels and Demons. .


Satan set up in the House of God = 503. This is the hidden meaning of the number spoken of

By Tom Hanks in the movie Angels and Demons. Mystery solved. What do you say Mr. Hanks?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Satanic 333 links Choronzon to Air France 447

When one begins to play with fire... someone gets burned. Sooner or later that is a sad fact of

life and reality. The Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada in September has

been linked by some believers to the Illuminati and various disasters caused by the psychotronic

energies released by the participants. These are mere theories not accusations against anyone.


1. 9/11 attacks and building collapses in NYC.

2. Crane Disaster in NYC

3. Air France Flight 447. A number linked to the illuminati 47 phenomenon. FOR 47 is what it

means. It is linked to the arrival of the Masonic Christ. and also and .

4. 216 passengers dead. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 : A total of 228 dead.

The fraction 22/7 is a symbol for Pi , the irrational number. 228 is Pi + 1 , in other words.

Pi + 1 = 4.14159265. Go to and put in numbers for verification.

4141 : Let us look at this: The number is linked to Union Pacific locomotive numbered as such

to commemorate Yale Skull and Bones Grandmaster George H.W. Bush. .

The Number 41 is associated with the Crucifixion of Jesus and the interrogation of Morpheus in

the movie THE MATRIX. .

5. The date of the disaster June 1 , '09 is also a clue. 619... This number has been linked to

the illuminati and 666. Remember 619 + 47 = 666. The Building known as 666 5th Avenue in

New York City has 41 floors. .

6. More links to the date and 666 at (scroll down half way) .

7. June 1 is the 152nd day of the Year. "666 is the sum of the squares of two triangular numbers: 666 = 152 + 212"

See: . On leap years, as noted in the previous link, June 1 is

the 153rd day of the year. The number 153 has a link to the Bible and 666. and also Both 153 and 666 are triangular numbers. .

8. The previous wiki link noted that on normal years June 1 is the 213th day of the year. This

number has previously been linked to 333 , which correlates to the demon Choronzon and the

Devil's Hour of 3:33 a.m. which is the 213th minute of the day. .

9. The Air France Plane vanished over the Ocean ... an Abyss ... Choronzon 333 is the demon

of the Abyss. see Choronzon 333 at
and .

10. In a Leap Year , June 1 would be the 214th day of the Year. 214 + 452 = 666. The number

452 has been linked to a portal between Heaven and Hell. It is also linked to a mountain top

masonic shrine. .

11. There is also a link to Pi. 228 as in the number on board is also TO 28 or TOWARDS 28.

what is 28? 2 x 2 x 7 ... again the prime factors of 28 are symbols for the fraction 22/7 linked to



Air France Flight 447 was doomed by the bad luck numbers of the illuminists. It was given as

a sacrifice to Choronzon...directly into the mouth of the Abyss. We all will share the same fate

sooner or later... if we don't wake up to their plots.

Illuminati Pascal Triangle link to 666 Exposed

Most , if not all , of the Grand Designs of the Illuminati elite have a hidden numerological code.

This particular one links to mathematical Pascal triangle to 666 and the so-called

heartland of the USA. Whether this is coincidence or design remains unknown.

1. The number 806 is linked to 666. It is the 666th composite number and the sum of

2 x 13 x 31. .

2. The second row of Pascal's Triangle is 1331.

3. 666 x 2 = 1332. Therefore, 1331 is in fact: 666 x 2 - 1.

4. The Zip Code for Topeka , Kansas , previously noted as the Dead Center of the Illuminati

Mars Ley line at the "Heart" or Heartland of the USA is 66621.,Kansas-66621.html / .

5. Previously exposed Illuminati links to Topeka and the Heartland: / .


Is that the only link between Pascal's Triangle and 666 ? No. The final line of the Pyramid

shaped triangle is 14641. See . The

number 146 is present in the Triangle going forward or reverse. This is obvious by just looking

at it. The sum of the first 146 digits of PHI or The Golden or Divine Ratio is 666. .

666 is the same forward or reverse and so is 14641. The number 14641 is also the fourth power

of a prime, the mystical number 11. .

What this means is that 11 x 11 x 11 x 11 = 14641. This links Pascal's Triangle to the so-called

11:11 Phenomenon / and .

The 11:11 Phenomenon is linked to the another pyramid - .

A two dimensional depiction of a pyramid is a triangle - Like Pascal's 666 triangle. The number

666 is a Triangular number as well. .

1111 x 1111 = 1234321 - The same forward and backwards and also forming a pyramid or

triangle or stepladder with 1 -2 - 3 going up to the peak of 4 , then backwards down again.

The number 1234321 is associated with the Giza Pyramid and The Multiverse in which we live.

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 144. A mystical and Kabbalistic number also 12 squared. 144 x 144 =

the amount of dimensions of existence in our Hyper-vast Multiverse. .

144 is a number that links Pi , the mystical , irrational and possibly infinite number with 666. .

NASA Cape Canaveral built on 666 Ley Lines

Richard Hoagland has written extensively and allegedly exposed what he believes to be an

Osiris cult inside the NASA space agency. This article hopes to provide additional information to

the reader to bolster this theory. There may be a previously unknown link to the Number of the

Beast - 666.


1. Osiris Cult mentioned.
2. Osiris Cult mentioned.

3. Cape Canaveral means in spanish Cabo Canaveral or Cape of Reeds. Osiris is the egyptian
god associated with Reeds , plants that grow in the Nile River Delta. He , in fact , wore a crown
of reeds. .

4. The number 806 is associated with the number 666. The 666th composite number is 806

which equals 2 x 13 x 31. .

5. Cape Canaveral is located at 80.6 Longitude W. The number 806. The number 666. .


More Coincidence? Or... Proof that Hoagland is indeed correct? You dear reader must decide.