Sunday, June 28, 2009

666 links Freemasonry to USA Canada Border & 9/11

The freemasonic illuminati elite have a number-based reason for virtually everything they do.

It is embedded in their plans... time , date , location , height , angle , and any factor computable

by mathematics is within their domain.

This phenomena was discovered to link the would-be USA - Canada border that many

masonic imperialists wanted as the norther border for the USA in the 1840s. They had a line of

latitude and a slogan - 54.40 or Fight. This article exposes the satanic reason for their designs.

One which continues to the present day in the now stalled creation of the North American Union.

1. 54.40 or Fight : . The line of latitude 54.40 N happens to be the border

between Alaska and Canada. The hope of the USA expansionists was to have the whole border

along this line. Also: .

2. President James K. Polk. The Eleventh USA President was a high-ranking Freemason. and .

3. The 1840s was also the time frame of the Mexican-American War which "coincidentally"

resulted in the 33rd Parallel , sacred to Freemasons , falling into US hands. A few miles that

were missed resulted in the 1853 Gadsen Purchase which led to the entire 33 Parallel in North

American Territory being under the masonic leaders of the USA. Was this the real reason or a

part of the real reason for the Mexican-American War? .

4. The WTC 6 exploded , burned and ultimately fell at 9:04 a.m. The 544th minute of the day. and .

This was the US Customs House. The employees escaped minutes before it blew up. No one says

Why it blew up or offers an explanation to the present day.

5. The 9/11 Attacks were of suspected Neo-Masonic origin. There are historical roots for the

choice of date. .


The Number 544 is linked to the Number 666: "666 is the 544th Composite number..." scroll

down to near bottom. . Another

sign-of-the-times that the 9/11 attacks were a mega-ritual of evil or...more coincidence?


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