Saturday, April 26, 2008

Number 52 links illuminati Milton Keynes Satanic Rock to Great Pyramid

If this writer has discovered one thing in researching the exterior workings of the illuminati is

their fascination with numbers. They appear to form the backbone or basis of everything they

do. This makes sense, since their goal , the establishment of the antichrist world government , is

closely linked to the Number 666.

Therefore, let he who hath understanding receive the following information:

1. The Number 52 is linked to the Great Pyramid and masonic and templar symbolism. 52 is

the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid. and .

2. The City of Milton Keynes has been linked to the Rothschild Illuminist dynasty. .

3. Milton Keynes is the home of Marshall Amplification. The company linked to the necessary

speaker systems to broadcast rock music to brainwash youth. .

4. Marshall now has speakers named after a member of the premiere satanic rock band -

Slayer. . .

5. Slayer = Evil at and see

video at and listen at your own spititual risk - not

recommended at .

6. Marshall began operations in Bletchley Park , Milton Keynes on 6/66 , scroll to bottom - .

7. Bletchley , Milton Keynes is at EXACTLY 52 Degrees N. Latitude. Therefore, the illuminati

city links the Great Pyramid and the DaVinci Code art of Poussin to Marshall Amplification and

Slayer - see for yourself. .

See Poussin art 52 degree angle , scroll to very bottom =


At a minimum, the selection of Milton Keynes location appears linked to Templar and

Illuminati beliefs as well. It is not just the objects in a given area or their design - it is the

place itself also. Macabre Music for the Masses - Made in Milton Keynes - how fitting.

Rock Music after all is said to be linked to the Illuminati Tavistock Institute so this should come

as no surprise. and .

Number 47 and Golden Ratio x Cubit link Wall Street and Blood Diamonds

The illuminati plan unfolds in many ways. One is to utilize what new age neo-pagan types call

'earth energy' or Ley Lines , known as Dragon lines in China, to achieve their aims. The purpose

in part of these articles is to expose their works.

This particular segment deals with the alignment discovered by this writer when one multiplies

PHI or The Golden Mean or Divine Ratio by the Royal Cubit, the ancient unit of measure for

Solomon's Temple and The Giza Pyramids. The following is what was discovered:

1. Cubit x PHI = 73.976514 centimeters. Go to and insert Cubit x phi = for

the previous number.

2. PHI or Divine Ratio meaning: .

3. Royal Cubit meaning: .

4. The Royal Cubit and PHI are associated with magic: Cubit - and PHI - .

5. The island of Manhattan , arguably the most important wealth creation "machine" in history

is located at Longitude ---you guessed it! --- 73.97 .

6. The same previous link shows that the latitude is 40.77 N. Since 0 or zero has , well zero

value in Kabbalah numerology , the number is 47 , for all extent and purposes.

The number 47 is linked to the illuminati: .

7. What are the odds as well that the latitude would numerically be "the most commonly

occurring random number" .

8. The Diamond District of course is on 47th Street: "The street of Diamonds" and .

9. Blood Diamonds are or were harvested in African conflict zones by children killing other

children for greedy warlords with AK-47s...more coincidence? / / .


No wonder the divorce rate is sky high in the USA. Women are wearing as a symbol of "Love"

a stone linked to death , blood and misery. Can these numbers be coincidence or was Manhattan

hand-picked by the Illuminati IN ADVANCE as a choice location for magical money making?

The choice , as always is up to the reader.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

555 Numerology links Roslyn Chapel to Moldavite Holy Grail site

555 is a number that has previously been extensively associated with the illuminati and their

evil works. It seems that 555 also is linked to the Da Vinci Code made-famous Rosslyn Chapel.

It also happens to be linked to a sect in Canada that may provide the key to the current location

of the Holy Grail, possibly the Chalice used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.

The Grail is suspected of being made of Moldavite, a substance created by a meteor strike

found only in the Czech republic. This is of course speculation, but it is based on solid , verifiable

facts and analysis. The decision as to the accuracy is left to the reader and or to treasure hunters

that brave the rough terrain of coastal canada at latitutde 55.5 N.


The following is a partial list of 555 related illuminati phenomena: / Zionist Postal Stamp and . Simpy google 555 illuminati for much more.


Rosslyn Chapel is the suspected resting place of the Holy Grail. and / .


Possible extraterrestrial origin of Moldavite and Grail link to Sirius:


The Hussites were a protestant sect in Bohemia that placed great value on the Chalice of

Jesus blood which some believe is the "Holy Grail" .

"Hus took the Chalice as it's main symbol" .

Hussite Holy Chalice may be Holy Grail at scroll 50% .

Moravian Church Chalice based missionairies spread across globe. .

Moravia is the site of the main Moldavite Meteorite (linked to Holy Grail) field. .

Moravian Church established in far coastal northern Canada at Zoar: .

Zoar is city where Lot fled to after sodom and gomorrah were destroyed. .

He was there only briefly and then fled to the wilderness.


1. Hitler's nazi party number was 555. He had been told that the Holy Grail, eagerly sought

by the Nazis was at Rosslyn Chapel.

a) Hitler 555 .

b) Hitler told Holy Grail at Rosslyn Chapel: "Hess flew to Scotland on May 10, 1941, after being

told by SS officer Otto Rahn, the Grail could be in Rosslyn Chapel." .

c) Rosslyn Chapel itself is at latitude .......... 55.5 N. .

d) Hitler was totally engrossed with Grail Mythology , scroll to near bottom: .

"Hitler devoted his life to the discovery of the Holy Grail" .

e) Zoar, Canada is at 55.5 N latitude: It is difficult to find on google - see detailed map yourself.

It is just south of Nain. .


Newfoundland is the oldest British Colony. It is directly east along 55.5 N latitude which would

make it easy for sailors with unsophisticated navigational equipment to sail and find where they

needed to go. The terrain is rough, isolated , largely unpopulated and replete with hiding places.

Newfoundland is associated with the Grail Legend - "It is curious to find in Newfoundland one of

the myths of the Middle Ages. The tradition runs that Joseph of Arimathea took refuge in

Britain ... carrying with him the Holy Grail....he arrived at Avalon....Here stood the ancient

roman town of Verulam. To perpetuate the memory of these traditionary events in the New

World, Lord Baltimore called his Newfoundland province Avalon, and his first settlement

Verulam." see book Newfoundland: The Oldest British Colony, by Moses Harvey, Joseph Hatton

1883 or google Newfoundland holy grail.

Further , Hitler chose his party number for the location of the Holy Grail. His fixation leave little

room for doubt. Lord Baltimore set up Avalon as a refuge for PEOPLE. Roman Catholic refugees

from protestant repression in England. Therefore, if the Holy Grail is a bloodline, it was brought

to Canada - a place of refuge like Joseph of Arimathea sought. The Capital of Newfoundland is

St. John's , the City of Legends. . St. John plays

heavily in Templar and Holy Grail legends. Rosslyn Chapel is in St. John's Parish. In the Da

Vinci Code, the figure seated to the right of Jesus at the last supper is not St. John it is the wife

of Jesus and co-creator of his bloodline, Mary Magdalene. .


St. John hides Mary Magdalene. The Holy Grail is hidden in Newfoundland, Canada.

Likely location: The wilderness - very remote. Near Zoar.......for those who have been awaiting

the signal - begin the search. It must be found before the Brotherhood of The Beast find it.

Time is short.

THE DISINFORMATION : The legend has it that the Earl Sinclair sailed to Newfoundland with

the Holy Grail. This is the family associated with the Rosslyn Chapel. Could it be that in fact the Holy

Grail is hidden further north in Labrador or Newfoundland?