Saturday, April 26, 2008

Number 47 and Golden Ratio x Cubit link Wall Street and Blood Diamonds

The illuminati plan unfolds in many ways. One is to utilize what new age neo-pagan types call

'earth energy' or Ley Lines , known as Dragon lines in China, to achieve their aims. The purpose

in part of these articles is to expose their works.

This particular segment deals with the alignment discovered by this writer when one multiplies

PHI or The Golden Mean or Divine Ratio by the Royal Cubit, the ancient unit of measure for

Solomon's Temple and The Giza Pyramids. The following is what was discovered:

1. Cubit x PHI = 73.976514 centimeters. Go to and insert Cubit x phi = for

the previous number.

2. PHI or Divine Ratio meaning: .

3. Royal Cubit meaning: .

4. The Royal Cubit and PHI are associated with magic: Cubit - and PHI - .

5. The island of Manhattan , arguably the most important wealth creation "machine" in history

is located at Longitude ---you guessed it! --- 73.97 .

6. The same previous link shows that the latitude is 40.77 N. Since 0 or zero has , well zero

value in Kabbalah numerology , the number is 47 , for all extent and purposes.

The number 47 is linked to the illuminati: .

7. What are the odds as well that the latitude would numerically be "the most commonly

occurring random number" .

8. The Diamond District of course is on 47th Street: "The street of Diamonds" and .

9. Blood Diamonds are or were harvested in African conflict zones by children killing other

children for greedy warlords with AK-47s...more coincidence? / / .


No wonder the divorce rate is sky high in the USA. Women are wearing as a symbol of "Love"

a stone linked to death , blood and misery. Can these numbers be coincidence or was Manhattan

hand-picked by the Illuminati IN ADVANCE as a choice location for magical money making?

The choice , as always is up to the reader.

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