Monday, June 30, 2008

British Control of Oceans linked to Triton and Atlantis

Everyone has heard the statement "Britannia Rules the Seas". Few have ever asked - Why ?

It appears that the basis for the seemingly incredible control over the seas exercised by UK

naval and maritime interests is based on witchcraft and a likely pact with aquatic or sea spirits.

It should also be noted that through this control of the world's sea lanes, the British Monarchy

was able to create the world's first global empire. This again in reference to the phrase "The

Sun never sets on the British Empire". How did this happen? How did a small island nation

gain control over much of the world? This article may provide an explanation.


1. Previous articles have noted that there appears to be a linkage between the Pi Wilshire, U.K.

Crop Circle, the most complex ever seen and the Pyramids of the Giza plateau. .

The previous article on the link noticed the importance of the number 51. The number 51 has

as its prime factors 1, 51 or 1 x 51 and 3 , 17 or 3 x 17. .

Since every number has itself and 1 as prime factors , the numbers 3 and 17 stand out.

2. The line of Longitude 3.17 passes through the UK. Likewise does the line of Latitude 51. .

3. The line of latitude 31.7 N seems to be major point of importance on the Earth's energy grid. .

*** The Number 317 appears to be of importance linking the Giza Pyramids, the earth

energy grid and the number 51 associated with the Pi Wiltshire Crop circle phenomenon on

latitude 51. N.

4. Liquid Nitrogen boils at 317 degrees below zero: google 317 degrees Nitrogen or see book -

Medical Record by George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman, 1904.

5. The planet Neptune is named after the Greek deity that ruled the oceans. Neptune had a son

named Triton. This particular merman had the ability to calm the waves of the sea with his

conch shell used as a horn. He lived at the bottom of the sea in a golden palace and controlled

the depths. He was described as "an awful god". .

6. The planet Neptune has an "unusual moon" named Triton. It has an atmosphere made of

Nitrogen, necessary for life - 80% of our atmosphere is nitrogen - and huge geysers made of

liquid nitrogen , which has a connection to the number 317.

and .

7. Neptune and Triton in legend, control the seas. .

8. A huge storm unexpectedly wiped out the Spanish Armada as it set sail for England in an

attempt to crush the protestant rebellion on the island. Allegedly, the storm was caused by the

sorcery of black magician John Dee and his enochian tablets. He essentially set in motion the

plan for the creation of the British Navy and coinded the word Brittania. .

The Pi crop circles in Wiltshire are obviously appearing in "Brittania".

9. The "Law of the Sea" has been used to enslave the USA by the Illuminati: and / and scroll down 60%

to "Admiralty Law of the Dictator". .

10. Atlantis, which according to legend sank under the seas, is associated with a "cataclysmic

earth tilt" of 31.7 degrees. Atlantis was allegedly ruled by Poseidon , also known as Neptune. .


It appears that the rule of Brittania over the seas and the rise of maritime law enslavement

can be traced to the sorcery of John Dee and the destruction of the Spanish Armada by his hex.

These are the roots of the present day illuminati masons that rule the world through global

trade, money and eventually through the RFID chip which will be implanted in the right hand

or forehead of anyone who wishes to "buy or sell" in a system based on the law of Neptune, the

law of Triton , the law of the sea, known in Greece as the Abysos or THE ABYSS.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pi Wiltshire Crop Circle links Giza Pyramids to Aquarius Age

Recent news articles originating in the UK indicate that a recently formed Crop Circle in

Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom was discovered to symbolize the first ten places of the

mystical-irrational number Pi. See: and,2933,368422,00.html .

It is described as the "most complex ever" crop circle ever discovered.

This writer believes that additional numerological evidence will indicate that it is aligned or

has a connection to the Great Pyramid and Mycerinus Pyramid in Giza. This is the Evidence:

1. Wiltshire, UK is at latitude 51. Degrees North. .

2. There were 51 Crops circles discovered during the 2007 Crop Circle "season" with 39 of

them located near Wiltshire. .

3. 39 is a number associated with the Illuminati ruling council. The unlucky 13 x 3. .

4. Then of course, there is the famous or infamous AREA 51 - no one knows ... or says why the

number 51 is attached to the name. It is of course, an "area" ...but why that number??? .

5. The angle of the slope of the sides of the Pyramid of Mycerinus is 51 degrees (roughly) .

6. Mycerinus , also known as Menkaure, was involved in a power struggle with the gods of

ancient egypt. .

7. The Great Pyramids so-called King's Chamber links both Pi and 51 degrees. Scroll down

50% - .

8. The Number 51 is the number for "The Royal Star of the Waterman" .

9. This Star would be Fomalhaut. This star is associated with IMMORTALITY - which is what

the pharoahs of ancient egypt sought and also with the fish god OANNES of the Babylonians that

taught humans the arts of civilization.


As noted in the previous link on number 9 above, The star Fomalhaut is associated with

the number 51 and "fish" or the astrological symbol Pisces. The crop circle may be telling us

that the age of Pisces, symbolized 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ whose religion, Christianity

was symbolized by "fish" and whose apostles were fishermen - is ending and the Age of

Aquarius is about to begin. .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poussin Code 23.5 link to Canary Wharf exposed

The illuminati elites are creating a new world in their own image. They do this by controlling

the bulk of the media and the so-called "free press". They do this through Wall Street, the NYC

5th Avenue advertising empire and Hollywood. They do this through masonic and occult

architecture that acts as a form of mental conditioning and brainwashing. They use other means

as well.

This particular article exposes a numerological link between the numbers

235, associated with the DaVinci Code - Bloodline of Jesus - painter Poussin's use of 23.5 degree

angles in his paintings; The number 235 and the angle corresponding to the current

axis of the Earth, which is approximately 23.5 degrees; The Number 23 , as a mystical numeral

in association with The Law of Fives And One Canada Place at Canary Wharf in London.

The reader , as always must determine whether this is fact or fiction, illuminati architecture

or mere coincidence.

BACKGROUND on 23.5 :

1. Poussin , the great french painter used a 23.5 degree angle in many of his cryptic paintings.

He is believed to have encoded information into his artwork involving the so-called DaVinci Code

bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene into these paintings. See: .

2. The 23.5 degree angle of the axis of the Earth:'s_axis_is_tilted_23.5_degrees .

3. The Number 23 and Law of Fives phenomenon (235) - .

BACKGROUND on Illuminati links to Canary Wharf - London, U.K. :

See: One Canada Place, tallest building in London is an obelisk or Cleopatra Needle: and Canary Wharf's One Canada Place

may be the "World's biggest obelisk" - , further - scroll to bottom: .

New Discovery:

The Height in feet of One Canada Place is 771 feet. In the UK , of course, they use the metric

system. The Height in Meters of One Canada Place is 235 meters. and .

* Others however say that the Tower at One Canada Place is 244 meters tall. There is a

discrepancy... .

It may not matter because 244 is, as a number 244.0 if written with mathematical accuracy.

The whole number - the decimal point - the zero or fraction behind that to the right.

2440 is the first place in Pi - where the first three 6 sequence is found 666. .

Also, The Mary Magdalene -bride of Jesus - story is linked to 23.5 degrees directly. Scroll

down 55% . Finally, the theory behind

British Israelism is that the British peoples, and or at least their royal family is descended of

the lost tribes of Israel and therefore destined to rule the Earth. "The chief purveyor of British

Israelism is the Priory of Sion." .

The Priory of Sion is linked to the 23.5 degree phenomenon. .


One Canada Place, the tallest building in Masonic-ruled United Kingdom and its satanic capital

London - appears to have a numerical code that combines: a) Pi 666 b) The Merovingian mythos

3) The Bloodline of Jesus - Mary Magdalene story 4) British Israelism 5) The 23 Enigma and

the Law of Fives. Is this another endless coincidence or is it the Illuminati marking their turf?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pi and Venus links to massive Arizona Copper Mine

One possibility to be contemplated in determining whether or not luck plays a role in major

discoveries of oil, gold, diamonds and other resources -or if in fact magick or the occult does -

involves the analysis of numerology and illuminati technology.

It is theoretically possible that a number of resource discoveries are in fact made by the use

of spirits, dowsing and so forth. This article provides one theoretical example. This article may

be useful for those contemplating searching for hidden treasure. The reader must determine

this for his or herself.

Planet Venus Background:

1. The planet Venus in the occult or in magickal lore is associated with the metal copper. .

and .

2. The planet Venus is associated with the Morning Star. (if this link does not work try switching the last O to o or 0) and .

3. Arizona is "The Copper State" - .

4. The Arizona State flag is the Morning Star - It is a copper star, the alchemical metal sacred

to Venus. .

5. The Star is really a Pentagram , also associated with magick and...Venus - .

6. The largest copper discovery in Arizona, and one of the largest of such in the world is named

The Copper Queen Mine. and .

7. The mine is located in Bisbee, Arizona which is on latitude 31.41 N. .

8. The mystical number Pi is 3.141 .

9. The number Pi is related to the circumference of a circle. .

10. The lavender pit Copper mine in Bisbee, near the Copper Queen mine is circular in shape -

see photo: .

11. The stone Turquoise is linked to Venus. .

12. Bisbee Blue is the high quality turquoise that comes from the copper mines near Bisbee, AZ. .


The reader must determine if these odd coincidences that keep appearing again and again are

just that or if someone has deciphered a numerology based science that leads or assist in finding

hidden treasure. Is it luck or is it hidden alchemical knowledge. That is the question.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thoth links Mars Cydonia Plain to NASA Canberra complex

The occult links involving NASA and the USA - and likely other nations- Space Programs has

been noted previously. See: / .

The present article highlights the discovery of certain links between the capital city of

Australia, Canberra and Cydonia plain. The reader as always must determine his or her own


1. Cydonia plain on Mars , is believed by many to have relics of a bygone non-earthly culture

or civilization. .

2. Cydonia is named after an ancient greek city state on the island of Crete, named Kydonia. .

3. Kydonia today is next to the modern day city of Khania. Allegedly Kydonia was founded by

King Cydon, who was 1/2 human and 1/2 god. His father was allegedly Hermes, also known at

times in ancient egypt as Thoth. See Kydon - Hermes: .

4. See Hermes / Thoth link at: and .

5. Thoth has been linked to the number 363: .

6. The Saturn V rocket of NASA is 363 feet tall: .

7. The Saturn V carried the NASA astronauts to the moon. scroll to near bottom.

8. Thoth is the god of the Moon. and .

9. Khania, the present day city located at the ancient site of Kydonia / Cydonia , Greece on the

island of Crete is located at latitude 35.3 N.

10. Canberra, the capital of OZ, the land down under is located at latitude 35.3 S. Therein lies

one of the three NASA Deep Space Communications complexes. .

11. Canberra is wherein the controls/communications for Mars rovers is located due to the

spatial alignment of Earth and Mars being favorable. "Due to the alignment of the earth and

Mars, the Canberra deep space communications complex (CDSCC) at Tidbinbilla, a NASA

facility, will receive the first images sent back by the lander. ... Phoenix is designed to look for

evidence of life..." . This is

in reference to the present Phoenix Lander mission.

12. Canberra is a masonic capital. and The Parliament House

in Canberra is designed in the image of the goat of Mendes. .

13. The Phoenix Lander comes from the masonic created State of Arizona and the Phoenix is

a masonic symbol. scroll 50% . Phoenix Masonic symbol - .


This information tends to support the theory alleging THE ILLUMINATI CONQUEST OF

SPACE - . They still have not

conquered the Earth. Resist .... while you still can.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

30th Parallel links Southern Death Rows to Rivers of Time

It has long been suspected that the maintenance of death row complexes in the USA has been

sustained as a form of human sacrifice. The purpose is to provide a blood feeding or life force

offering to superhuman entities in exchange for earthly power and favor.

The three southernmost USA capitals also have their death rows located nearby and all three

are in geospatial alignment roughly along the 30th parallel.

see: . These would be Austin , Texas, Baton

Rouge, Louisiana and Tallhassee, Florida.

and a link to the evil Bush family in the alignments as well: .

A researcher into occult and illuminati affairs has written a book about "The Rivers of Time"

which links the Nile and Mississippi rivers to the actual passage of time on earth and the coming

Earth Changes. This article noted that the mouth of the Nile and the mouth of the Tigris and

Euphrates rivers in Iraq are also in alignment. All of this happens to be located on the 30th

parallel. scroll down 40% .

The 30th parallel may be a "stargate" or portal to the land of Osiris, the god of the otherworld. . scroll to near bottom.


The southermost capitals and their death rows are aligned on the 30th parallel to provide

a blood feed or offering to other world entities. George W. Bush used this force to propel his

regime to the White House. The 30th parallel provides a thinner separating barrier , seemingly,

with the "otherworld" and therefore makes it easier to provide life force energy to the vampiric

intelligences the Bush regime serves.

Aztlan discovered to be near Ohio Serpent Mound

The legends of the Aztec people spoke of their home in mythical Aztlan. This land was said to

be located somewhere in the north. Accordingly, it was said that the Aztec people lived there in

underground in a place with 7 Caverns or Caves. Some tales describe it as an Eden while others

say the aztecs were enslaved there by non-human entities.

The Aztecs then left Aztlan and were led by bees to the place they were told would be the site

of their future capital and empire. They would know the place because the bees would lead them

to a cactus upon which stood an eagle holding a snake in its claws. This is now where Mexico City

is located. The most populated place on Earth with a human population near 25 million souls.

Background / Verification of previous Facts:

1. Aztlan and seven caves: / .

2. The aztecs may have been slaves of a tyrant elite called the Azteca Chicomoztoca. Their

southward migration allegedly began on May 24, 1064 according to the previous wiki link on

1. May 24 is the 144th day of the year. The square of 12 and the sum of the first 144 integers

in Pi is 666. and .

3. The major solar / star flareup in the year 1054 in the Crab Nebula apparently preceded the

escape from Aztlan. .

4. The journey south guided by bees to modern day Mexico City:

Where is the location of the place of the Seven Caverns?

5. Near Bainbridge, Ohio, A tourist site known as the Seven Caves exists. The aztecs are

known for their pyramids and in this Ohio site, flowers bloom to form a Pyramid of the Trilliums. .

6. Quetzalcoatl was the deity of the Aztecs and he is believed to be a reptilian. .

7. The serpent is one of his primary symbols and he also known as the feathered or flying

serpent. .

8. The famous Serpent Mounds are located in Ohio. They are not far from The Seven Caves. .


Seven Caves and the world's largest effigy in the form of a serpent links Ohio to the Aztlan

legend of the Mexica and the Aztecs, does it not? It is also to the North obviously and it would

or could take a wandering tribe hundreds of years to reach Mexico City from there. This writer

will guess based on this evidence that Ohio is Aztlan. The reader must decide for him or her self.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grand Gross and Pi 666 link Twin Towers to Rosicrucianism

The evidence continues to mount that the attack on the Twin Towers in NYC on 9/11 was a

masonic or illuminati mega-ritual. The numerology is interlinked and as always, there are wheels

within wheels and puzzles within mazes.

The present matter looks into the number 144, which is 12 x 12 or in measurements a gross.

A Grand Gross is 12 x 12 x 12 or 12 cubed. See: and .

Further, the first 144 digits of Pi total 666 when added together. scroll down 40% and .

144 Connection to Rosicrucians:

The number 144 appears to have major importance to the AMORC movement , also known

as the Rosicrucians. See: and "the grand total of members

(of a lodge) shall be limited to 144. The square of 12." scroll down 40% .

Further, The AMORC adherents believe in a cycle of 144 years having great importance with

the Year 1933 being 144 years from the founding of the USA under its present constitutional

form. Scroll down 50% .

AMORC also believes in the 144 year cycle of reincarnation for human souls.

If one cubes 12 or multiplies 12 by itself three times: 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728. This is the number of

a Grand Gross.

With the addition of an antenna on one of the Twin Towers, the height of that Tower then

became 1,728 feet. scroll down to near bottom - . Coincidence?

Also, one Earth Equator unit of measure or the 24 hours it takes the earth to turn on its axis is

1,440 minutes and this is considered one sidereal day. .

* If you subtract 666 from 1728 you get 1062 - which happens to be the height in feet of the

freemason built Eiffel Tower - - another coincidence? .

The inspiration for the Eiffel Tower was the old lighthouse tower in San Jose, California. This

city happens to be the headquarters of AMORC. Another chance event? scroll down half way.

The city of San Jose was the first Illuminated city west of the rockies. Its electric tower was

the likely model for the Eiffel Tower - it brought light or illumination or THE ILLUMINATI

to bear down on the masses, correct? see - .


It becomes ever more remote a possibility to believe that all of these numerical calculations

can be ascribed to happenstance and coincidence. Therefore, one is left with no other logical

outcome to the analysis than all of this is by design. What human could design or plan such

intricate details spanning centuries and continents down to exact calculations? The answer is

None. No human could do this. Therefore, again, one is left with no possible logical conclusion

other than something superhuman and utterly evil is behind these mysterious synchronicities.

What it could left to the reader to determine.

Hidden Number 13 discovered in 555 ft. tall Washington Monument

The Illuminati are very complex in their numerology and 'sacred' geometry. Often, the chance

discovery of one hidden meaning or code, later reveals another. One matter to note, therefore, is

the lack of "chance" or coincidence as an explanation for many of the bizarre events surrounding

their actions and dealings.

The present article highlights the discovery of a hidden number 13 in the 555 foot tall obelisk

in Washington D.C. known as the Washington Monument. The meaning is unknown but it

appears to provide further evidence that the basis of the present governing structure of the

"New Atlantis" of America is.......Witchcraft.


1. The Washington Monument is linked to Freemasonry, 666 and the Illuminati. scroll down

80% .

2. 555 feet is the equivalent of 169 meters. . The Washington Monument is located on

15th street which is 5+5+5 , of course.

3. 169 is comprised of 13 x 13. Therefore, the unlucky number multiplied by itself is 169

meters which is 555 feet which is 6,660 inches. All coincidence? Do the math......

4. 13 is the number of members for a Witch's coven. .

5. 13 is the number of Illuminati Bloodlines. .

6. 13 is the number of the Tribes of Israel. (the real number is not 12) /

7. The 13 tribes of Israel is the symbolism of the Great Seal of the USA. scroll to near bottom .

8. Group 13 was a group of zionist collaborators with the Nazis. .


The hidden 13 in the Washington Monument is really a 666 standing for the top 13 Illuminist

Witches that run the USA and much of the "western world". It symbolizes the Grand Druid

Council that rules alongside the Rothschild family. .