Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hidden Number 13 discovered in 555 ft. tall Washington Monument

The Illuminati are very complex in their numerology and 'sacred' geometry. Often, the chance

discovery of one hidden meaning or code, later reveals another. One matter to note, therefore, is

the lack of "chance" or coincidence as an explanation for many of the bizarre events surrounding

their actions and dealings.

The present article highlights the discovery of a hidden number 13 in the 555 foot tall obelisk

in Washington D.C. known as the Washington Monument. The meaning is unknown but it

appears to provide further evidence that the basis of the present governing structure of the

"New Atlantis" of America is.......Witchcraft.


1. The Washington Monument is linked to Freemasonry, 666 and the Illuminati. scroll down

80% .

2. 555 feet is the equivalent of 169 meters. . The Washington Monument is located on

15th street which is 5+5+5 , of course.

3. 169 is comprised of 13 x 13. Therefore, the unlucky number multiplied by itself is 169

meters which is 555 feet which is 6,660 inches. All coincidence? Do the math......

4. 13 is the number of members for a Witch's coven. .

5. 13 is the number of Illuminati Bloodlines. .

6. 13 is the number of the Tribes of Israel. (the real number is not 12) /

7. The 13 tribes of Israel is the symbolism of the Great Seal of the USA. scroll to near bottom .

8. Group 13 was a group of zionist collaborators with the Nazis. .


The hidden 13 in the Washington Monument is really a 666 standing for the top 13 Illuminist

Witches that run the USA and much of the "western world". It symbolizes the Grand Druid

Council that rules alongside the Rothschild family. .

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