Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poussin Code 23.5 link to Canary Wharf exposed

The illuminati elites are creating a new world in their own image. They do this by controlling

the bulk of the media and the so-called "free press". They do this through Wall Street, the NYC

5th Avenue advertising empire and Hollywood. They do this through masonic and occult

architecture that acts as a form of mental conditioning and brainwashing. They use other means

as well.

This particular article exposes a numerological link between the numbers

235, associated with the DaVinci Code - Bloodline of Jesus - painter Poussin's use of 23.5 degree

angles in his paintings; The number 235 and the angle corresponding to the current

axis of the Earth, which is approximately 23.5 degrees; The Number 23 , as a mystical numeral

in association with The Law of Fives And One Canada Place at Canary Wharf in London.

The reader , as always must determine whether this is fact or fiction, illuminati architecture

or mere coincidence.

BACKGROUND on 23.5 :

1. Poussin , the great french painter used a 23.5 degree angle in many of his cryptic paintings.

He is believed to have encoded information into his artwork involving the so-called DaVinci Code

bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene into these paintings. See: .

2. The 23.5 degree angle of the axis of the Earth:'s_axis_is_tilted_23.5_degrees .

3. The Number 23 and Law of Fives phenomenon (235) - .

BACKGROUND on Illuminati links to Canary Wharf - London, U.K. :

See: One Canada Place, tallest building in London is an obelisk or Cleopatra Needle: and Canary Wharf's One Canada Place

may be the "World's biggest obelisk" - , further - scroll to bottom: .

New Discovery:

The Height in feet of One Canada Place is 771 feet. In the UK , of course, they use the metric

system. The Height in Meters of One Canada Place is 235 meters. and .

* Others however say that the Tower at One Canada Place is 244 meters tall. There is a

discrepancy... .

It may not matter because 244 is, as a number 244.0 if written with mathematical accuracy.

The whole number - the decimal point - the zero or fraction behind that to the right.

2440 is the first place in Pi - where the first three 6 sequence is found 666. .

Also, The Mary Magdalene -bride of Jesus - story is linked to 23.5 degrees directly. Scroll

down 55% . Finally, the theory behind

British Israelism is that the British peoples, and or at least their royal family is descended of

the lost tribes of Israel and therefore destined to rule the Earth. "The chief purveyor of British

Israelism is the Priory of Sion." .

The Priory of Sion is linked to the 23.5 degree phenomenon. .


One Canada Place, the tallest building in Masonic-ruled United Kingdom and its satanic capital

London - appears to have a numerical code that combines: a) Pi 666 b) The Merovingian mythos

3) The Bloodline of Jesus - Mary Magdalene story 4) British Israelism 5) The 23 Enigma and

the Law of Fives. Is this another endless coincidence or is it the Illuminati marking their turf?

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