Monday, June 30, 2008

British Control of Oceans linked to Triton and Atlantis

Everyone has heard the statement "Britannia Rules the Seas". Few have ever asked - Why ?

It appears that the basis for the seemingly incredible control over the seas exercised by UK

naval and maritime interests is based on witchcraft and a likely pact with aquatic or sea spirits.

It should also be noted that through this control of the world's sea lanes, the British Monarchy

was able to create the world's first global empire. This again in reference to the phrase "The

Sun never sets on the British Empire". How did this happen? How did a small island nation

gain control over much of the world? This article may provide an explanation.


1. Previous articles have noted that there appears to be a linkage between the Pi Wilshire, U.K.

Crop Circle, the most complex ever seen and the Pyramids of the Giza plateau. .

The previous article on the link noticed the importance of the number 51. The number 51 has

as its prime factors 1, 51 or 1 x 51 and 3 , 17 or 3 x 17. .

Since every number has itself and 1 as prime factors , the numbers 3 and 17 stand out.

2. The line of Longitude 3.17 passes through the UK. Likewise does the line of Latitude 51. .

3. The line of latitude 31.7 N seems to be major point of importance on the Earth's energy grid. .

*** The Number 317 appears to be of importance linking the Giza Pyramids, the earth

energy grid and the number 51 associated with the Pi Wiltshire Crop circle phenomenon on

latitude 51. N.

4. Liquid Nitrogen boils at 317 degrees below zero: google 317 degrees Nitrogen or see book -

Medical Record by George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman, 1904.

5. The planet Neptune is named after the Greek deity that ruled the oceans. Neptune had a son

named Triton. This particular merman had the ability to calm the waves of the sea with his

conch shell used as a horn. He lived at the bottom of the sea in a golden palace and controlled

the depths. He was described as "an awful god". .

6. The planet Neptune has an "unusual moon" named Triton. It has an atmosphere made of

Nitrogen, necessary for life - 80% of our atmosphere is nitrogen - and huge geysers made of

liquid nitrogen , which has a connection to the number 317.

and .

7. Neptune and Triton in legend, control the seas. .

8. A huge storm unexpectedly wiped out the Spanish Armada as it set sail for England in an

attempt to crush the protestant rebellion on the island. Allegedly, the storm was caused by the

sorcery of black magician John Dee and his enochian tablets. He essentially set in motion the

plan for the creation of the British Navy and coinded the word Brittania. .

The Pi crop circles in Wiltshire are obviously appearing in "Brittania".

9. The "Law of the Sea" has been used to enslave the USA by the Illuminati: and / and scroll down 60%

to "Admiralty Law of the Dictator". .

10. Atlantis, which according to legend sank under the seas, is associated with a "cataclysmic

earth tilt" of 31.7 degrees. Atlantis was allegedly ruled by Poseidon , also known as Neptune. .


It appears that the rule of Brittania over the seas and the rise of maritime law enslavement

can be traced to the sorcery of John Dee and the destruction of the Spanish Armada by his hex.

These are the roots of the present day illuminati masons that rule the world through global

trade, money and eventually through the RFID chip which will be implanted in the right hand

or forehead of anyone who wishes to "buy or sell" in a system based on the law of Neptune, the

law of Triton , the law of the sea, known in Greece as the Abysos or THE ABYSS.

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