Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aztlan discovered to be near Ohio Serpent Mound

The legends of the Aztec people spoke of their home in mythical Aztlan. This land was said to

be located somewhere in the north. Accordingly, it was said that the Aztec people lived there in

underground in a place with 7 Caverns or Caves. Some tales describe it as an Eden while others

say the aztecs were enslaved there by non-human entities.

The Aztecs then left Aztlan and were led by bees to the place they were told would be the site

of their future capital and empire. They would know the place because the bees would lead them

to a cactus upon which stood an eagle holding a snake in its claws. This is now where Mexico City

is located. The most populated place on Earth with a human population near 25 million souls.

Background / Verification of previous Facts:

1. Aztlan and seven caves: / .

2. The aztecs may have been slaves of a tyrant elite called the Azteca Chicomoztoca. Their

southward migration allegedly began on May 24, 1064 according to the previous wiki link on

1. May 24 is the 144th day of the year. The square of 12 and the sum of the first 144 integers

in Pi is 666. and .

3. The major solar / star flareup in the year 1054 in the Crab Nebula apparently preceded the

escape from Aztlan. .

4. The journey south guided by bees to modern day Mexico City:

Where is the location of the place of the Seven Caverns?

5. Near Bainbridge, Ohio, A tourist site known as the Seven Caves exists. The aztecs are

known for their pyramids and in this Ohio site, flowers bloom to form a Pyramid of the Trilliums. .

6. Quetzalcoatl was the deity of the Aztecs and he is believed to be a reptilian. .

7. The serpent is one of his primary symbols and he also known as the feathered or flying

serpent. .

8. The famous Serpent Mounds are located in Ohio. They are not far from The Seven Caves. .


Seven Caves and the world's largest effigy in the form of a serpent links Ohio to the Aztlan

legend of the Mexica and the Aztecs, does it not? It is also to the North obviously and it would

or could take a wandering tribe hundreds of years to reach Mexico City from there. This writer

will guess based on this evidence that Ohio is Aztlan. The reader must decide for him or her self.

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