Monday, June 16, 2008

Thoth links Mars Cydonia Plain to NASA Canberra complex

The occult links involving NASA and the USA - and likely other nations- Space Programs has

been noted previously. See: / .

The present article highlights the discovery of certain links between the capital city of

Australia, Canberra and Cydonia plain. The reader as always must determine his or her own


1. Cydonia plain on Mars , is believed by many to have relics of a bygone non-earthly culture

or civilization. .

2. Cydonia is named after an ancient greek city state on the island of Crete, named Kydonia. .

3. Kydonia today is next to the modern day city of Khania. Allegedly Kydonia was founded by

King Cydon, who was 1/2 human and 1/2 god. His father was allegedly Hermes, also known at

times in ancient egypt as Thoth. See Kydon - Hermes: .

4. See Hermes / Thoth link at: and .

5. Thoth has been linked to the number 363: .

6. The Saturn V rocket of NASA is 363 feet tall: .

7. The Saturn V carried the NASA astronauts to the moon. scroll to near bottom.

8. Thoth is the god of the Moon. and .

9. Khania, the present day city located at the ancient site of Kydonia / Cydonia , Greece on the

island of Crete is located at latitude 35.3 N.

10. Canberra, the capital of OZ, the land down under is located at latitude 35.3 S. Therein lies

one of the three NASA Deep Space Communications complexes. .

11. Canberra is wherein the controls/communications for Mars rovers is located due to the

spatial alignment of Earth and Mars being favorable. "Due to the alignment of the earth and

Mars, the Canberra deep space communications complex (CDSCC) at Tidbinbilla, a NASA

facility, will receive the first images sent back by the lander. ... Phoenix is designed to look for

evidence of life..." . This is

in reference to the present Phoenix Lander mission.

12. Canberra is a masonic capital. and The Parliament House

in Canberra is designed in the image of the goat of Mendes. .

13. The Phoenix Lander comes from the masonic created State of Arizona and the Phoenix is

a masonic symbol. scroll 50% . Phoenix Masonic symbol - .


This information tends to support the theory alleging THE ILLUMINATI CONQUEST OF

SPACE - . They still have not

conquered the Earth. Resist .... while you still can.

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