Sunday, June 8, 2008

30th Parallel links Southern Death Rows to Rivers of Time

It has long been suspected that the maintenance of death row complexes in the USA has been

sustained as a form of human sacrifice. The purpose is to provide a blood feeding or life force

offering to superhuman entities in exchange for earthly power and favor.

The three southernmost USA capitals also have their death rows located nearby and all three

are in geospatial alignment roughly along the 30th parallel.

see: . These would be Austin , Texas, Baton

Rouge, Louisiana and Tallhassee, Florida.

and a link to the evil Bush family in the alignments as well: .

A researcher into occult and illuminati affairs has written a book about "The Rivers of Time"

which links the Nile and Mississippi rivers to the actual passage of time on earth and the coming

Earth Changes. This article noted that the mouth of the Nile and the mouth of the Tigris and

Euphrates rivers in Iraq are also in alignment. All of this happens to be located on the 30th

parallel. scroll down 40% .

The 30th parallel may be a "stargate" or portal to the land of Osiris, the god of the otherworld. . scroll to near bottom.


The southermost capitals and their death rows are aligned on the 30th parallel to provide

a blood feed or offering to other world entities. George W. Bush used this force to propel his

regime to the White House. The 30th parallel provides a thinner separating barrier , seemingly,

with the "otherworld" and therefore makes it easier to provide life force energy to the vampiric

intelligences the Bush regime serves.

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