Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pi Wiltshire Crop Circle links Giza Pyramids to Aquarius Age

Recent news articles originating in the UK indicate that a recently formed Crop Circle in

Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom was discovered to symbolize the first ten places of the

mystical-irrational number Pi. See: and,2933,368422,00.html .

It is described as the "most complex ever" crop circle ever discovered.

This writer believes that additional numerological evidence will indicate that it is aligned or

has a connection to the Great Pyramid and Mycerinus Pyramid in Giza. This is the Evidence:

1. Wiltshire, UK is at latitude 51. Degrees North. .

2. There were 51 Crops circles discovered during the 2007 Crop Circle "season" with 39 of

them located near Wiltshire. .

3. 39 is a number associated with the Illuminati ruling council. The unlucky 13 x 3. .

4. Then of course, there is the famous or infamous AREA 51 - no one knows ... or says why the

number 51 is attached to the name. It is of course, an "area" ...but why that number??? .

5. The angle of the slope of the sides of the Pyramid of Mycerinus is 51 degrees (roughly) .

6. Mycerinus , also known as Menkaure, was involved in a power struggle with the gods of

ancient egypt. .

7. The Great Pyramids so-called King's Chamber links both Pi and 51 degrees. Scroll down

50% - .

8. The Number 51 is the number for "The Royal Star of the Waterman" .

9. This Star would be Fomalhaut. This star is associated with IMMORTALITY - which is what

the pharoahs of ancient egypt sought and also with the fish god OANNES of the Babylonians that

taught humans the arts of civilization.


As noted in the previous link on number 9 above, The star Fomalhaut is associated with

the number 51 and "fish" or the astrological symbol Pisces. The crop circle may be telling us

that the age of Pisces, symbolized 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ whose religion, Christianity

was symbolized by "fish" and whose apostles were fishermen - is ending and the Age of

Aquarius is about to begin. .

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