Monday, August 31, 2009

God Particle links Mayan Calendar to New Madrid

Mathematics is a language. It is used as a form of communication by the Illuminati and not-of-

this-world life forms to communicate. The code cannot be completely deciphered but portions of

it can be brought to light. This particular article finds a connection the so-called God Particle ,

the Mayan Calendar and Numerology which join together for future cataclysmic results in the

New Madrid Fault Line in Missouri. This code be pointing at a major Earthquake, unknown in

the continental United States during the Mayan End Times date of 2012. It will be man-made,

or better said - Illuminati Manufactured.

Fasten Your Seatbelts:

1. There is an alleged link between the number 82944 and the Higgs-Boson God Particle. .

2. If you multiply all of the digits of 82944 you have 8 x 2 x 9 x 4 x 4. The result of this

multiplication is 2304. insert the formula and hit search for answer.

3. The Number 2304 : "The 36 x 64 combination produces the 2304 maya alautun number /

fractal. and "...the maya long count, based on the

numbers/fractals 360... 23040000000, might be relational to the Platonic Year at their face

value". . Many of these numbers appear to be

linked to other civilizations and cultures from the past. Scroll down 50% .

4. The line of 36.64 latitude North runs right through the New Madrid Fault Line in the State

of Missouri. In fact , the massive 1812 ReelFoot Earthquake , that made the land look live waves

of water in the sea, was at EXACTLY 36.64 Latitude N. Scroll to bottom and see diagram. or google

New Madrid 36.64 latitude - for more articles.

Further, The Planet Pluto , lord of the underworld and death , is 2304 km in diameter. .

Pluto is considered a "bringer of upheavals" .

The NASA "New Horizons" Probe will reach close proximity to Pluto in 2012.

Could this be a New Horizon for New Madrid?


The Department of Homeland Security knows this is coming. They will use the cataclysm to

install a facist State in the USA - an openly fascist State - unlike the hidden one we now have.

See: .

In fact , Illuminati technology will likely create the event much like they created SARS, Avian

and Swine Flu , AIDS , the WMD in Iraq and 9/11 frauds and murderous hoaxes. They have

been experimenting with Earthquake technology on the San Andreas Fault line for years. and . Also - The USA has waged an

Earthquake attack on China just recently. .

The numbers are there. Do the math. 2012 = 36.64.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pi links Virgin Mary Magdalene to God Particle

A growing amount of evidence exists that the mystical , infinite number Pi serves in part as a

means of Communication between human beings and unknown but very powerful intelligences

that are not-of-this-world. This article exposes an odd connection between Pi, The Virgin Mary,

St. Mary Magdalene and what is best described as the sub-atomic " God Particle ".

This writer does not imply any factual conclusion only that this phenomena may prove to be a

fruitful avenue of exploration.

1. Pi is commonly known by the fraction 22/7. .

2. The feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene, the alleged wife of Jesus and mother of his child or

children , according to the DaVinci Code book/movie is on July 22 or 7-22 (Pi backwards). .

3. The Feast of the Assumption , when Catholics and others believe that The Virgin Mary, the

mother of Jesus was taken bodily into Heaven is on August 15 , which in an Ordinary , not Leap,

Year, is the 227th day of the Year. This also happens to be the celebration day for The Flooding

of the Nile , in ancient Egypt. They believed the Dog-star Sirius would appear when this event

happened every year. Sirius is sacred to Freemasons. .

4. Mary Magdalene is believed to be a counterpart of Isis , the Egyptian goddess whose Star

was Sirius. scroll down nearly 50%. .

5. When you multiply 7 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 7 , the answer is 784.

6. The number 784 shares a quality with another number and the number 1. The other

number is 82944. This number is linked to The Four Fundamental Forces and The God Particle. and . See also - scroll down

45% to 82944 . Both of these numbers appear

connected to the Mayan Long Count. .

7. The latest Harry Potter Book has 784 pages. . coincidence?


There is evidence linking Mary Magdalene to The God Particle. Some believe she knew Alchemy. .

This is linked to the CERN reactor that is trying to create anti-matter and search for the God
Particle. Mary Magdalene and CERN have been the topic of books and movies authored by Dan
Brown. Coincidence? No - it is Pi - at work.

Beatles Abbey Road Release set for Devil's Day

It was forty years ago today , or so the song goes , more or less , that the Illuminati music

machine known as The Beatles walked across Abbey Road on August 8, 1969. There are

now plans to release a digitally remastered CD on September 9, 2009. It begs the question WHY

if you were going to release an album remake forty years later you would not release it on

the actual forty year anniversary of August 8, 2009. There is a reason. This article will expose it.

1. Celebrations on the 40th anniversary took place. Why not release it then? .

2. or google terms

Beatles Abbey Road September 9 - for information on the remastered CD release.

3. There has been a lot of conspiracy theory as it is called by some regarding the nature and

background of both The Beatles and the Abbey Road album when it first came out. .

4. ** There seems to be some reference or importance given to THE TIME when the Beatles

crossed the Zebra strip on Abbey Road. It is listed as 1135 a.m. This author would argue that in

fact it was crossed just a bit earlier - at 11:34 a.m. .

5. Could Abbey Road be the Road to Hell? . The reason for this is that 1134 is

hell spelled upside down. Grab a pencil and paper. Write 1134 and turn it upside down to see.

This writer would argue that they crossed or began to cross the road at 11:34 a.m. Greenwich

Mean Time. This dovetails perfectly with the Occult links long noted for all of the Beatles .

See: / / .

6. The release of an album by the Beatles to coincide with some aspect of the Occult is not

unknown. The release of the SGT. Pepper Album was 20 years to the day of the death

of Uber-Black Magician , Aleister Crowley. He called himself The Great Beast 666. That album

even has a song that begins "It was 20 years ago today..." and the Album has a photo of Crowley

on it.

7. The number 999 is linked to the concept of the NUMBER 23 and The Beast Made Flesh. .


The release of ABBEY ROAD will be on Devil's Day 9-9-09 . The Number 40 , as in the 40th Anniversary is linked to
bad things. 40 years the jews wandered in the desert , it rained on Noah for 40 days and nights,
Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days.

Combine that with 999 is THE BEAST MADE FLESH and what we have is obvious. Aleister

Crowley will be reincarnated - reborn as the Great Beast 666 - on September 9, 2009. The

Abbey Road release is timed to commemorate this evil event.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hidden 666 in Sears Willis Tower Exposed

This article will provide the reader with additional proof that the Illuminati hide in plain sight

and essentially leave clues of their works for all to see. However, the masses walkabout with

Eyes Wide Shut and fail to grasp the evil that is all around them. The Illuminati power centre

known previously as the Sears and now Willis Tower has long been associated with 666. See: . Scroll down 50%.

1. The Sears Willis Tower is located in Zip Code 60606. This has been long known.

2. Prior to WTC and since 9/11 , it is the tallest building in the USA. It has an address numbered 223. .

3. The Woolworth Building , also linked to the Illuminati and also once the tallest building in

the USA also had a 223 address. More "coincidence" of course. .


4. This has slipped right under the radar screen for some time. This author should have seen

it previously. 223 is a number directly associated with 666. "666 is a 223-gonal Number." and .

CONCLUSION: What are the odds that two buildings both the tallest in the USA have the same

223 numbered Address? Then what are the odds that one , the Sears Willis Tower , currently

the tallest in the USA, also happens to be in zip code 60606 by coincidence when 666 is a 223-

gonal number? If it is not coincidence, it proves this writer's theory that the skyscraper form

is of Tower-of-Babylon satanic origin. Since the modern American city and culture is built with

this tall tower design as a model , then one can say that architectural satanism forms the core of

the living structure of American urban society. Maybe this explains why "urban youth" are so

screwed-up. What do you think?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woodstock links Pi and 666 to Heathen Worship

The Illuminati Brainwashing machine known as ROCK and ROLL is going full steam ahead.

You can see the results walking around you virtually everyday in Post-Christian / Antichrist

Culture Rising America. Look at the youth...that is correct... LOOK at them. Foul-mouthed.

T-shirts advertising some vice or filth. Glazed-eyed , covered with tatoos and metal piercings.

Where did this Abomination arise from? The answer is simple - Woodstock.

This article explores the illuminati numerology of the music event that is forever now a part of

the history and anti-culture of the USA. Here is what has been found:

1. The highly decorated and acclaimed movie documentary about Woodstock which all of us

have seen was 216 minutes long. Why not 214 or 215? Who knows but 216 it is. and .

2. The number 216 is 6x6x6. This is the number of the antichrist in the Left Behind Series. .

3. The Woodstock Festival began on August 15 , 1969 and lasted for three days.

4. August 15 is the 227th day of the year. .

5. The number 227 is code for 22/7 , a common fraction for the mythical , irrational and

seemingly infinite number = Pi. .

6. Therefore, the 18th of August would be day 230 of the year. Since zero has no value in

numerology, The Woodstock Festival began on Pi and ended on THE NUMBER 23.

7. The Woodstock Festival took place in BETHEL , New York. In the Bible, The city of Bethel

tried to be a rival to the Holy City of Jerusalem and failed. It became known as a place of

heathen worship instead. and Bible Bethel at .

8. August 15 happens to be the Catholic Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The coincidence of

date was no coincidence , since Woodstock was first and foremost a Pagan Festival. .

9. Bethel , New York is on latitude 41. N. .

The Number 41 has an odd link to 666 = scroll down 45% and

666 - 41 = 625. The number 625 is 5 x 5 x 5 x 5. This number has suspected links to Pythagoras

Mystery Tablet. .


It is no mystery why a Wicca / Pagan seminary has been established in Bethel , Vermont. It

should now no longer be a mystery why the Pagan / Heathen Festival known as Woodstock took

place in Bethel , New York. .

Monday, August 17, 2009

Onisaburo Deguchi Prophecies linked to Hell Flood

1. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (related purely to weather) was 56.7

degrees Celsius. Death Valley , California , July 10, 1913. .

2. The number 1134 placed upside down spells - hell. Try it on a piece of paper and see. .

3. 1134 divided by 2 is 567. The exact same number for hell 1134 upside down appears again.

4. The line of Longitude 113.4 runs through the Southwestern USA desert , right near Death

Valley. .

What are the odds that the hottest temperature on earth doubled spells hell upside down as an

'accident' or 'coincidence'?

5. The number 567 is part of an unusual "coincidence with the stream of numbers 123456789.

It has to do with 666 , the number of the beast . scroll down 60% .


The number 567 has to do with a future great flood of 567 days and the Buddha of the future,

known as Maitreya. . If this link does not come on,

go to and enter - 567 deities - The Prophecies of Onisaburo Deguchi.

Maitreya is a future savior to some - the antichrist for others . The reader must decide. and .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nineveh Constant linked to Leaning Tower of Pisa

An ever increasing crescendo of evidence shows that the Illuminati control our reality. This

includes the way we measure time, from hours of the day to months of the year. Sometimes the

connection is hidden - sometimes obvious, but the evil elites seem wedded to a system or

paradigm based on numerology. In fact , our measurements are based on those of their mother

civilization - Babylon. .


1. The Nineveh Constant is associated with the Number 2268 *( 2268 divided by 2 is 1134 or

hell spelled upside down). .

2. The Nineveh constant numbers in inches would be 2268 inches. This equals 57.6 meters.

Simply go to and enter 2268 inches meters.

3. The leaning Tower of Pisa is 57.6 meters tall. scroll down 50% .

This means the Tower is 2268 inches tall - the same as the number for the Nineveh Constant. .

4. The amah or royal - holy - sacred cubit of the ancient egyptians has various estimates as to

its length. One of them is 57.6 centimeters which would be roughly 22.68 inches. As can be seen

from the following link, 22.68 inches is pretty much 22.7 inches.

5. 22.7 inches looks pretty similar to the 22/7 fraction oftentimes used as a metaphor for Pi ,

the mystical , irrational , possibly infinite number. . Since 22/7 is considered to be slightly

larger than pi ' s value 22/68 would fit more closely to the exact value, as a matter of pure logic.


The fact that the leaning tower of Pisa is 2268 inches in height is no accident. The fact that the

height in meters corresponds to the amah in centimeters is no accident either. What this

means is the 2268 number associated with The Nineveh Constant is in fact another way of

calculating , simulating , expressing or measuring - Pi. The Holy Cubit - the measuring tool of

the ancients is in fact based on that which is beyond measure - counting or calculation --Pi.

An irrational number formed the engineering measure for three-dimensional , solid , rational

architecture, building and design. The best way to express this is The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Something that is solid , well built - yet defies logic and appears out of place and untenable. It is

a symbol - it impacts the subconcious...the area where brainwashing occurs. Look around you.

Look at the robotic masses. Now you know why. The don't call it the leaning tower of PIsa for no

reason, do they?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Illuminati Way links Korean Serial Killer to 2012

The Illuminati have a sense of humor. Black humor...Gallows it what you will, but

they do have one. This brief article highlights yet another of the endless "coincidences" that one

must swallow like pablum and believe in order to ascribe the horrors unfolding in today's world

to coincidence as an explanation.

1. The recent massacre of women at the LA FITNESS gym in Pennsylvania links that Killer to

the mass killers at NIU and Virginia Tech through an online gun / firearm accessories store.

2. Previous articles have noted that the Korean serial killer from Virginia Tech may have been

a mind-controlled agent of the NWO / Illuminati. He lived in Centreville, Virginia. .

3. The only place in the world that has a street named Illuminati Way , appears to be , yet

again, coincidentally located in Centreville, Virginia. Try searching google all you want - you will

not find another street with that name anywhere else in the world that speaks the english

language. SEE: .

4. Coincidentally -- yes --- again, The Zip Code for Illuminati Way in Centreville , Virginia is

20120. .

5. The Mayan Apocalypse is said to begin in the Year 2012. .


One of the signs of the End Times is that the blood of many martyrs must be spilled and fall to

the earth. In fact , the Last Sign is the last drop of blood of the Last Martyr to hit the soil of our

planet. These Illuminati inspired and directed killings are the precursor agent for this process.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hell Ley line link Arizona Desert to Eyes Wide Shut

The illuminati elite seek to control mankind and establish the Antichrist World Government.

All of their evil works , designs and structures appear to have a numerology component. This

article highlights a new discovery with chilling results for the geographical location of the USA

and its current capital in Washington, D.C. and a once-proposed capital in Phoenix , Arizona.

The lines intersect with the Illuminati / CIA city of Reston, Virginia (modeled after Milton

Keynes in the U.K.) Could it be coincidence that the now and proposed capitals of the USA

would be in States with the word HELL inscribed as a line of longitude? You decide...


1. The number 1134 upside down spells hell. Likewise, the number 7734 upside down spells

the same thing, hell. Write the numbers on a piece of paper and just look at them turned upside

down. SEE: also 1134 .

2. The city of Reston, Virginia is a suspected NWO Hive-Center. It is modeled on Milton

Keynes in the U.K. , a city suspected by many as a Mega-Hive for the Illuminati. SEE: and also .

3. Reston , Virginia is located on Longitude 77.34. It is a city built from scratch "coincidentally"

on a hell-spelled ley line - or so they would have us believe. SEE:,+VA . As noted on the previous link, the latitude

for Reston is 38.9. One can easily see that 3 x 8 x 9 = 216. The number 216 is 6 x 6 x 6.

4. The line of Longitude 77.34 or hell runs right through Maryland and Virginia. These are the

States whose territory comprised the capital , Washington , D.C. Simply go to

and insert either 77.34 Longitude Maryland - or - Virginia to see the result.

5. After the USA civil war, once General and then President Ulysses S. Grant, a 33rd degree

Freemason, wanted to move the Capital of the USA to Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix named after

the mythical bird that arises from the ashes is located on the 33rd parallel. This is well known.

Scroll down 75% . What is less well known is that

Freemason President Grant would have moved the USA Capital to yet another territory that

was intersected by a HELL ley line. The other number that spells hell upside down , as noted

previously is 1134. The line of longitude 113.4 runs just west of Phoenix Arizona. In fact, it runs

through the hottest summer temperature areas in the USA - hell itself - and a death trap for

thousands of illegal aliens that have died in the heat trying to cross into the USA. SEE: .

6. If you see the previous link, you note that the latitude for Peach Springs is 35.5. What is that

number significant of? ... Pi whose approximate symbol is 355/113. See: .

BOTH numbers related to Pi - intersect in Arizona, what Grant hoped would be the future

location of the USA capital. But there is more, you know about the 33rd Parallel , sacred to

Freemasons , running through Phoenix and Arizona itself. See: .

There is also the line of Latitude of 31.4 which is symbolic of Pi as well 3.14 , which forms the

boundary between Pima County and Santa Cruz County Arizona. Pima County , which contains

the City of Tucson and the Raytheon missile plant which builds all USA offensive missile systems

is , as you can see, bordered by HELL in the east and Pi in the south. .

The same link above noted that the southern boundary of Arizona and the USA is at 31.3

degrees latitude. The number 313 is linked directly to 666. .

The other number noted as added to 313 to form 666 is 353. The latitude line of 35.3 runs

through Arizona as well. .

7. The longitude line 109.5 also runs through Arizona. This aligns directly with Easter Island,

and the fractal 19.5 degree angle prevalent throughout the Cydonia region of Mars. SEE

ALSO: / and Easter Island located at 109.5 longitude. .


Arizona is the drug pipeline into the USA for a reason. The illegal aliens were pushed from

California into crossing into the USA in the blazing desert to die by DeMolay Freemason Bill

Clinton as a human form of human sacrifice. The missiles that kill people in villages in the

mountains of Afghanistan and elsewhere are built there for a reason. Arizona is an illuminati

playground. Likely , more ley lines cross there than anywhere else in the country. There is link

to Milton Keynes, Reston and The Washington D.C. area - all linked by HELL ley lines. Is this

coincidence or madness or conspiracy? You... must decide. But decide well, because time is short.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burj Dubai Soft Opening set for The Devil's Day

The new Tower of Babel has been built over the endless sands of the middle east. It is a sad

testament to mankind's constant attempt to deviate from the Rules of G-D. Recent articles have

pointed to the fact that the Burj Dubai has now been completed and has reached the height of

818 Meters. This number is interesting. One can almost tell just by looking at it that it is strange.


1. Burj Dubai at 818 meters in height. and .

2. The number 8 is prominent here. The number 818 is odd because it is the same forward to

backward, backward to forward , rightside-up and upside down. It is also the same when one

writes it and puts in front of a mirror. This is very unusual. What makes it more odd is the fact

that when turning numbers upside down to form letters or "words" , the only number in which

one cannot do this for is the number 8. .

3. 8 x 1 x 8 = 64. The number 64 is related to the I Ching and 666. scroll down 50% .

4. 81 x 8 = 648. This number has extensive links to 666. 216 is the Number of the antichrist in

the Left Behind series of books. 216 = 6x6x6. If on multiplies 216 x 3 , the answer is 648. Also

648 is 18 less than 666 , 18 is 6+6+6.

5. 18 x 8 = 144. This number has extensive links to occult numerology and 666. See: and also - .

6. The height in feet of the Burj Dubai is 2684. The number 684 is linked to The Da Vinci Code

and the Louvre Pyramid museum in Paris. 684 Panes of glass. 684 is linked to 666. and 684 is an Apocalyptic number

in mathematics. . Also, 684 is the equivalent of 648. It is 18 or
6+6+6 more than 666.

2684 could be To 684 or Towards 684 - a metaphor for the road to 666. If one multiplies 684 x

2 , the answer is 1368. This coincidentally happens to be the height of the new Illuminati

Freedom Tower built on the ruins of the WTC in NYC. This would , mathematically speaking be

36 more than twice 666. The number 36 has a heavy association , long noted with 666. and 36 = 666 at .

7. The opening date for the Tower is September 9, 2009. . Turn

the 9-9-09 upside down and what do you have ? 666...


The Burj Dubai will be consecrated to Satan on "The Devil's Day":