Sunday, August 9, 2009

Illuminati Way links Korean Serial Killer to 2012

The Illuminati have a sense of humor. Black humor...Gallows it what you will, but

they do have one. This brief article highlights yet another of the endless "coincidences" that one

must swallow like pablum and believe in order to ascribe the horrors unfolding in today's world

to coincidence as an explanation.

1. The recent massacre of women at the LA FITNESS gym in Pennsylvania links that Killer to

the mass killers at NIU and Virginia Tech through an online gun / firearm accessories store.

2. Previous articles have noted that the Korean serial killer from Virginia Tech may have been

a mind-controlled agent of the NWO / Illuminati. He lived in Centreville, Virginia. .

3. The only place in the world that has a street named Illuminati Way , appears to be , yet

again, coincidentally located in Centreville, Virginia. Try searching google all you want - you will

not find another street with that name anywhere else in the world that speaks the english

language. SEE: .

4. Coincidentally -- yes --- again, The Zip Code for Illuminati Way in Centreville , Virginia is

20120. .

5. The Mayan Apocalypse is said to begin in the Year 2012. .


One of the signs of the End Times is that the blood of many martyrs must be spilled and fall to

the earth. In fact , the Last Sign is the last drop of blood of the Last Martyr to hit the soil of our

planet. These Illuminati inspired and directed killings are the precursor agent for this process.


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