Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nineveh Constant linked to Leaning Tower of Pisa

An ever increasing crescendo of evidence shows that the Illuminati control our reality. This

includes the way we measure time, from hours of the day to months of the year. Sometimes the

connection is hidden - sometimes obvious, but the evil elites seem wedded to a system or

paradigm based on numerology. In fact , our measurements are based on those of their mother

civilization - Babylon. .


1. The Nineveh Constant is associated with the Number 2268 *( 2268 divided by 2 is 1134 or

hell spelled upside down). .

2. The Nineveh constant numbers in inches would be 2268 inches. This equals 57.6 meters.

Simply go to and enter 2268 inches meters.

3. The leaning Tower of Pisa is 57.6 meters tall. scroll down 50% .

This means the Tower is 2268 inches tall - the same as the number for the Nineveh Constant. .

4. The amah or royal - holy - sacred cubit of the ancient egyptians has various estimates as to

its length. One of them is 57.6 centimeters which would be roughly 22.68 inches. As can be seen

from the following link, 22.68 inches is pretty much 22.7 inches.

5. 22.7 inches looks pretty similar to the 22/7 fraction oftentimes used as a metaphor for Pi ,

the mystical , irrational , possibly infinite number. . Since 22/7 is considered to be slightly

larger than pi ' s value 22/68 would fit more closely to the exact value, as a matter of pure logic.


The fact that the leaning tower of Pisa is 2268 inches in height is no accident. The fact that the

height in meters corresponds to the amah in centimeters is no accident either. What this

means is the 2268 number associated with The Nineveh Constant is in fact another way of

calculating , simulating , expressing or measuring - Pi. The Holy Cubit - the measuring tool of

the ancients is in fact based on that which is beyond measure - counting or calculation --Pi.

An irrational number formed the engineering measure for three-dimensional , solid , rational

architecture, building and design. The best way to express this is The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Something that is solid , well built - yet defies logic and appears out of place and untenable. It is

a symbol - it impacts the subconcious...the area where brainwashing occurs. Look around you.

Look at the robotic masses. Now you know why. The don't call it the leaning tower of PIsa for no

reason, do they?

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