Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beatles Abbey Road Release set for Devil's Day

It was forty years ago today , or so the song goes , more or less , that the Illuminati music

machine known as The Beatles walked across Abbey Road on August 8, 1969. There are

now plans to release a digitally remastered CD on September 9, 2009. It begs the question WHY

if you were going to release an album remake forty years later you would not release it on

the actual forty year anniversary of August 8, 2009. There is a reason. This article will expose it.

1. Celebrations on the 40th anniversary took place. Why not release it then? .

2. or google terms

Beatles Abbey Road September 9 - for information on the remastered CD release.

3. There has been a lot of conspiracy theory as it is called by some regarding the nature and

background of both The Beatles and the Abbey Road album when it first came out. .

4. ** There seems to be some reference or importance given to THE TIME when the Beatles

crossed the Zebra strip on Abbey Road. It is listed as 1135 a.m. This author would argue that in

fact it was crossed just a bit earlier - at 11:34 a.m. .

5. Could Abbey Road be the Road to Hell? . The reason for this is that 1134 is

hell spelled upside down. Grab a pencil and paper. Write 1134 and turn it upside down to see.

This writer would argue that they crossed or began to cross the road at 11:34 a.m. Greenwich

Mean Time. This dovetails perfectly with the Occult links long noted for all of the Beatles .

See: / / .

6. The release of an album by the Beatles to coincide with some aspect of the Occult is not

unknown. The release of the SGT. Pepper Album was 20 years to the day of the death

of Uber-Black Magician , Aleister Crowley. He called himself The Great Beast 666. That album

even has a song that begins "It was 20 years ago today..." and the Album has a photo of Crowley

on it.

7. The number 999 is linked to the concept of the NUMBER 23 and The Beast Made Flesh. .


The release of ABBEY ROAD will be on Devil's Day 9-9-09 . The Number 40 , as in the 40th Anniversary is linked to
bad things. 40 years the jews wandered in the desert , it rained on Noah for 40 days and nights,
Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days.

Combine that with 999 is THE BEAST MADE FLESH and what we have is obvious. Aleister

Crowley will be reincarnated - reborn as the Great Beast 666 - on September 9, 2009. The

Abbey Road release is timed to commemorate this evil event.

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