Monday, August 17, 2009

Onisaburo Deguchi Prophecies linked to Hell Flood

1. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (related purely to weather) was 56.7

degrees Celsius. Death Valley , California , July 10, 1913. .

2. The number 1134 placed upside down spells - hell. Try it on a piece of paper and see. .

3. 1134 divided by 2 is 567. The exact same number for hell 1134 upside down appears again.

4. The line of Longitude 113.4 runs through the Southwestern USA desert , right near Death

Valley. .

What are the odds that the hottest temperature on earth doubled spells hell upside down as an

'accident' or 'coincidence'?

5. The number 567 is part of an unusual "coincidence with the stream of numbers 123456789.

It has to do with 666 , the number of the beast . scroll down 60% .


The number 567 has to do with a future great flood of 567 days and the Buddha of the future,

known as Maitreya. . If this link does not come on,

go to and enter - 567 deities - The Prophecies of Onisaburo Deguchi.

Maitreya is a future savior to some - the antichrist for others . The reader must decide. and .

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