Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burj Dubai Soft Opening set for The Devil's Day

The new Tower of Babel has been built over the endless sands of the middle east. It is a sad

testament to mankind's constant attempt to deviate from the Rules of G-D. Recent articles have

pointed to the fact that the Burj Dubai has now been completed and has reached the height of

818 Meters. This number is interesting. One can almost tell just by looking at it that it is strange.


1. Burj Dubai at 818 meters in height. and .

2. The number 8 is prominent here. The number 818 is odd because it is the same forward to

backward, backward to forward , rightside-up and upside down. It is also the same when one

writes it and puts in front of a mirror. This is very unusual. What makes it more odd is the fact

that when turning numbers upside down to form letters or "words" , the only number in which

one cannot do this for is the number 8. .

3. 8 x 1 x 8 = 64. The number 64 is related to the I Ching and 666. scroll down 50% .

4. 81 x 8 = 648. This number has extensive links to 666. 216 is the Number of the antichrist in

the Left Behind series of books. 216 = 6x6x6. If on multiplies 216 x 3 , the answer is 648. Also

648 is 18 less than 666 , 18 is 6+6+6.

5. 18 x 8 = 144. This number has extensive links to occult numerology and 666. See: and also - .

6. The height in feet of the Burj Dubai is 2684. The number 684 is linked to The Da Vinci Code

and the Louvre Pyramid museum in Paris. 684 Panes of glass. 684 is linked to 666. and 684 is an Apocalyptic number

in mathematics. . Also, 684 is the equivalent of 648. It is 18 or
6+6+6 more than 666.

2684 could be To 684 or Towards 684 - a metaphor for the road to 666. If one multiplies 684 x

2 , the answer is 1368. This coincidentally happens to be the height of the new Illuminati

Freedom Tower built on the ruins of the WTC in NYC. This would , mathematically speaking be

36 more than twice 666. The number 36 has a heavy association , long noted with 666. and 36 = 666 at .

7. The opening date for the Tower is September 9, 2009. . Turn

the 9-9-09 upside down and what do you have ? 666...


The Burj Dubai will be consecrated to Satan on "The Devil's Day":


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