Saturday, July 25, 2009

Merovingian Link to Utah State Star Dubhe exposed

Many believe that the founder of the Mormon religion , Joseph Smith , was of Merovingian

ancestry. A new clue has been unearthed or better said un-sky-ed that may add evidence to

bolster that theory. The State Star of Utah , the mormonic home base, is Dubhe , in the

Constellation Ursa Majoris or THE GREAT BEAR. The Bear , of course is a symbol of the

Merovingian Dynasty.


1. Joseph Smith was of suspected Merovingian heritage: .

2. The symbol of the Merovingians was the Bear. One of the Brightest stars in the constellation

Ursa Majoris is Dubhe or The Bear. .

3. The State Star of Utah (This writer up until now did not know there was such a thing for

the various States of the USA) is Dubhe. "Orange-hued Dubhe was selected as the centennial

star because its light takes 100 years to reach Earth (588 trillion mile distance)."

4. 588 trillion mile distance of light or "Illumination" from this star to reach the earth happens

to coincide with the 588 pages of the Book of Mormon. .

5. The second smallest cyclic number begins its 16 digits with 0588... Scroll down 45% : .

6. The Star Dubhe is linked to the Big Dipper which is also known as the Ox cart.

7. The Merovingian Kings were said to move around their territory via an Ox Cart. .

8. The constellation Ursa Major has connections to Nashville and certain illuminati structures

in that city built on a massive Indian graveyard. .

9. The mormons get their name from the angel Meroni or Moroni. Supposedly, this being gave

the location of the golden tablets which formed the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith. It is

believed by some that "these tablets were housed in Nashville at one time". Go to

and insert - nashville angel moroni tablet housed - .


While this does not prove the Merovingian link to Joseph Smith and Mormonism , it adds

further credence to the hypothesis. More research must be done to have a definitive answer.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Were you aware that ALOT of people now living in America and Europe are of Merovingingian descent? I happen to be one of them. It's not such a big deal and means nothing.

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