Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ayn Rand Anthem 7-2521 link Pi 142857 to Neptune

Many believe that Ayn Rand's book ATLAS SHRUGGED was in fact a Rothschild-inspired

"blueprint" for Illuminati World Government. See:

The previous link shows the book cover which contains an architectural image of Atlas which will

be noteworth further in this article.

Ayn Rand also wrote a book titled ANTHEM in which in this future fascist total control society,

the hero or protagonist is named Equality 7-2521. . As

further background, there are links between Ayn Rand and occult numerology: .

This particular article focuses on the link between Equality 7-2521 , Neptune , its moon Nereid

an illuminati architect and the Rockefeller Center.

WHAT IS Equality 7-2521?

1. If you multiply 7 x 25 x 21 , the answer is 3675. The synodic period for the planet Neptune

is 367.5 days . .

2. The Planet Neptune is the planet linked to mysticism , secret societies and the Illuminati. .

3. 2521 divided by 7 equals or the answer begins with 360.14...

4. Nereid is one of the moons of Neptune. Its Revolution Period is 360.14 days. .

What are the odds that coincidence explains this odd numerical link to Neptune and one of its

moons to this 7-2521 number? It is also interesting to note that 360 is the number of degrees in

a circle. What about the remainder of the number after the decimal point? You may not believe

this but it AS WELL is a mystical number and it is linked to "Jewish mysticism" and a metaphor,

as always...for Pi - . More coincidence?

In fact 142857 has been called a magical number - see video .

5. If we google Ayn Rand Nereid , we come across the following article. . Rene

Paul Chambellan is a famous art deco style architect and or sculptor.

** It just so happens that his Art Deco style is identical to the cover of ATLAS SHRUGGED , as

you can see on the previous link. The architect is also linked of course, to the statues of Nereids

and the sea god Neptune located at the Illuminati power place known as The Rockefeller Center.

Sculptures are also noted at the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale. This library refuses to allow

allegedly outside researchers to look into its voluminous materials on the Yale Skull and Bones

Society. .

All of this can be viewed in the previous link if not seen already. The name Chambellan is also

of interest. It is very similar to SHAMBALLAN or Shamballa , the mythical underworld whose

entrance may lie in Tibet. Scroll down 20% for an example:


Coincidence Don't , as they say , Cut It. This is illuminati numerological sorcery at work. We live

in a "reality" immersed in their values , drowning in Neptune's sea of deception all around us,

yet we still fail to draw in the gasp of air .... , the word made flesh - The Truth.

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