Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pi links Virgin Mary Magdalene to God Particle

A growing amount of evidence exists that the mystical , infinite number Pi serves in part as a

means of Communication between human beings and unknown but very powerful intelligences

that are not-of-this-world. This article exposes an odd connection between Pi, The Virgin Mary,

St. Mary Magdalene and what is best described as the sub-atomic " God Particle ".

This writer does not imply any factual conclusion only that this phenomena may prove to be a

fruitful avenue of exploration.

1. Pi is commonly known by the fraction 22/7. .

2. The feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene, the alleged wife of Jesus and mother of his child or

children , according to the DaVinci Code book/movie is on July 22 or 7-22 (Pi backwards). .

3. The Feast of the Assumption , when Catholics and others believe that The Virgin Mary, the

mother of Jesus was taken bodily into Heaven is on August 15 , which in an Ordinary , not Leap,

Year, is the 227th day of the Year. This also happens to be the celebration day for The Flooding

of the Nile , in ancient Egypt. They believed the Dog-star Sirius would appear when this event

happened every year. Sirius is sacred to Freemasons. .

4. Mary Magdalene is believed to be a counterpart of Isis , the Egyptian goddess whose Star

was Sirius. scroll down nearly 50%. .

5. When you multiply 7 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 7 , the answer is 784.

6. The number 784 shares a quality with another number and the number 1. The other

number is 82944. This number is linked to The Four Fundamental Forces and The God Particle. and . See also - scroll down

45% to 82944 . Both of these numbers appear

connected to the Mayan Long Count. .

7. The latest Harry Potter Book has 784 pages. . coincidence?


There is evidence linking Mary Magdalene to The God Particle. Some believe she knew Alchemy. .

This is linked to the CERN reactor that is trying to create anti-matter and search for the God
Particle. Mary Magdalene and CERN have been the topic of books and movies authored by Dan
Brown. Coincidence? No - it is Pi - at work.


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The Magdalene Pi date link is extremely important but you can only see why when you know about the real code secret -

See the latest post on the above blog.

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