Monday, August 24, 2009

Hidden 666 in Sears Willis Tower Exposed

This article will provide the reader with additional proof that the Illuminati hide in plain sight

and essentially leave clues of their works for all to see. However, the masses walkabout with

Eyes Wide Shut and fail to grasp the evil that is all around them. The Illuminati power centre

known previously as the Sears and now Willis Tower has long been associated with 666. See: . Scroll down 50%.

1. The Sears Willis Tower is located in Zip Code 60606. This has been long known.

2. Prior to WTC and since 9/11 , it is the tallest building in the USA. It has an address numbered 223. .

3. The Woolworth Building , also linked to the Illuminati and also once the tallest building in

the USA also had a 223 address. More "coincidence" of course. .


4. This has slipped right under the radar screen for some time. This author should have seen

it previously. 223 is a number directly associated with 666. "666 is a 223-gonal Number." and .

CONCLUSION: What are the odds that two buildings both the tallest in the USA have the same

223 numbered Address? Then what are the odds that one , the Sears Willis Tower , currently

the tallest in the USA, also happens to be in zip code 60606 by coincidence when 666 is a 223-

gonal number? If it is not coincidence, it proves this writer's theory that the skyscraper form

is of Tower-of-Babylon satanic origin. Since the modern American city and culture is built with

this tall tower design as a model , then one can say that architectural satanism forms the core of

the living structure of American urban society. Maybe this explains why "urban youth" are so

screwed-up. What do you think?


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