Friday, August 7, 2009

Hell Ley line link Arizona Desert to Eyes Wide Shut

The illuminati elite seek to control mankind and establish the Antichrist World Government.

All of their evil works , designs and structures appear to have a numerology component. This

article highlights a new discovery with chilling results for the geographical location of the USA

and its current capital in Washington, D.C. and a once-proposed capital in Phoenix , Arizona.

The lines intersect with the Illuminati / CIA city of Reston, Virginia (modeled after Milton

Keynes in the U.K.) Could it be coincidence that the now and proposed capitals of the USA

would be in States with the word HELL inscribed as a line of longitude? You decide...


1. The number 1134 upside down spells hell. Likewise, the number 7734 upside down spells

the same thing, hell. Write the numbers on a piece of paper and just look at them turned upside

down. SEE: also 1134 .

2. The city of Reston, Virginia is a suspected NWO Hive-Center. It is modeled on Milton

Keynes in the U.K. , a city suspected by many as a Mega-Hive for the Illuminati. SEE: and also .

3. Reston , Virginia is located on Longitude 77.34. It is a city built from scratch "coincidentally"

on a hell-spelled ley line - or so they would have us believe. SEE:,+VA . As noted on the previous link, the latitude

for Reston is 38.9. One can easily see that 3 x 8 x 9 = 216. The number 216 is 6 x 6 x 6.

4. The line of Longitude 77.34 or hell runs right through Maryland and Virginia. These are the

States whose territory comprised the capital , Washington , D.C. Simply go to

and insert either 77.34 Longitude Maryland - or - Virginia to see the result.

5. After the USA civil war, once General and then President Ulysses S. Grant, a 33rd degree

Freemason, wanted to move the Capital of the USA to Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix named after

the mythical bird that arises from the ashes is located on the 33rd parallel. This is well known.

Scroll down 75% . What is less well known is that

Freemason President Grant would have moved the USA Capital to yet another territory that

was intersected by a HELL ley line. The other number that spells hell upside down , as noted

previously is 1134. The line of longitude 113.4 runs just west of Phoenix Arizona. In fact, it runs

through the hottest summer temperature areas in the USA - hell itself - and a death trap for

thousands of illegal aliens that have died in the heat trying to cross into the USA. SEE: .

6. If you see the previous link, you note that the latitude for Peach Springs is 35.5. What is that

number significant of? ... Pi whose approximate symbol is 355/113. See: .

BOTH numbers related to Pi - intersect in Arizona, what Grant hoped would be the future

location of the USA capital. But there is more, you know about the 33rd Parallel , sacred to

Freemasons , running through Phoenix and Arizona itself. See: .

There is also the line of Latitude of 31.4 which is symbolic of Pi as well 3.14 , which forms the

boundary between Pima County and Santa Cruz County Arizona. Pima County , which contains

the City of Tucson and the Raytheon missile plant which builds all USA offensive missile systems

is , as you can see, bordered by HELL in the east and Pi in the south. .

The same link above noted that the southern boundary of Arizona and the USA is at 31.3

degrees latitude. The number 313 is linked directly to 666. .

The other number noted as added to 313 to form 666 is 353. The latitude line of 35.3 runs

through Arizona as well. .

7. The longitude line 109.5 also runs through Arizona. This aligns directly with Easter Island,

and the fractal 19.5 degree angle prevalent throughout the Cydonia region of Mars. SEE

ALSO: / and Easter Island located at 109.5 longitude. .


Arizona is the drug pipeline into the USA for a reason. The illegal aliens were pushed from

California into crossing into the USA in the blazing desert to die by DeMolay Freemason Bill

Clinton as a human form of human sacrifice. The missiles that kill people in villages in the

mountains of Afghanistan and elsewhere are built there for a reason. Arizona is an illuminati

playground. Likely , more ley lines cross there than anywhere else in the country. There is link

to Milton Keynes, Reston and The Washington D.C. area - all linked by HELL ley lines. Is this

coincidence or madness or conspiracy? You... must decide. But decide well, because time is short.

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