Monday, August 31, 2009

God Particle links Mayan Calendar to New Madrid

Mathematics is a language. It is used as a form of communication by the Illuminati and not-of-

this-world life forms to communicate. The code cannot be completely deciphered but portions of

it can be brought to light. This particular article finds a connection the so-called God Particle ,

the Mayan Calendar and Numerology which join together for future cataclysmic results in the

New Madrid Fault Line in Missouri. This code be pointing at a major Earthquake, unknown in

the continental United States during the Mayan End Times date of 2012. It will be man-made,

or better said - Illuminati Manufactured.

Fasten Your Seatbelts:

1. There is an alleged link between the number 82944 and the Higgs-Boson God Particle. .

2. If you multiply all of the digits of 82944 you have 8 x 2 x 9 x 4 x 4. The result of this

multiplication is 2304. insert the formula and hit search for answer.

3. The Number 2304 : "The 36 x 64 combination produces the 2304 maya alautun number /

fractal. and "...the maya long count, based on the

numbers/fractals 360... 23040000000, might be relational to the Platonic Year at their face

value". . Many of these numbers appear to be

linked to other civilizations and cultures from the past. Scroll down 50% .

4. The line of 36.64 latitude North runs right through the New Madrid Fault Line in the State

of Missouri. In fact , the massive 1812 ReelFoot Earthquake , that made the land look live waves

of water in the sea, was at EXACTLY 36.64 Latitude N. Scroll to bottom and see diagram. or google

New Madrid 36.64 latitude - for more articles.

Further, The Planet Pluto , lord of the underworld and death , is 2304 km in diameter. .

Pluto is considered a "bringer of upheavals" .

The NASA "New Horizons" Probe will reach close proximity to Pluto in 2012.

Could this be a New Horizon for New Madrid?


The Department of Homeland Security knows this is coming. They will use the cataclysm to

install a facist State in the USA - an openly fascist State - unlike the hidden one we now have.

See: .

In fact , Illuminati technology will likely create the event much like they created SARS, Avian

and Swine Flu , AIDS , the WMD in Iraq and 9/11 frauds and murderous hoaxes. They have

been experimenting with Earthquake technology on the San Andreas Fault line for years. and . Also - The USA has waged an

Earthquake attack on China just recently. .

The numbers are there. Do the math. 2012 = 36.64.

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