Friday, June 20, 2008

Pi and Venus links to massive Arizona Copper Mine

One possibility to be contemplated in determining whether or not luck plays a role in major

discoveries of oil, gold, diamonds and other resources -or if in fact magick or the occult does -

involves the analysis of numerology and illuminati technology.

It is theoretically possible that a number of resource discoveries are in fact made by the use

of spirits, dowsing and so forth. This article provides one theoretical example. This article may

be useful for those contemplating searching for hidden treasure. The reader must determine

this for his or herself.

Planet Venus Background:

1. The planet Venus in the occult or in magickal lore is associated with the metal copper. .

and .

2. The planet Venus is associated with the Morning Star. (if this link does not work try switching the last O to o or 0) and .

3. Arizona is "The Copper State" - .

4. The Arizona State flag is the Morning Star - It is a copper star, the alchemical metal sacred

to Venus. .

5. The Star is really a Pentagram , also associated with magick and...Venus - .

6. The largest copper discovery in Arizona, and one of the largest of such in the world is named

The Copper Queen Mine. and .

7. The mine is located in Bisbee, Arizona which is on latitude 31.41 N. .

8. The mystical number Pi is 3.141 .

9. The number Pi is related to the circumference of a circle. .

10. The lavender pit Copper mine in Bisbee, near the Copper Queen mine is circular in shape -

see photo: .

11. The stone Turquoise is linked to Venus. .

12. Bisbee Blue is the high quality turquoise that comes from the copper mines near Bisbee, AZ. .


The reader must determine if these odd coincidences that keep appearing again and again are

just that or if someone has deciphered a numerology based science that leads or assist in finding

hidden treasure. Is it luck or is it hidden alchemical knowledge. That is the question.

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