Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pi linked to Bethlehem Birthplace of Jesus Christ

The battle over the Holy Land is something that mystifies atheists and nonbelievers in

the Abrahaminic faiths of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. No one can figure out why all of the

bloodshed over a thin sliver of arid land that has little water and no oil.

One reason may be that what is today known as Israel and some of the surrounding terrain

may be part of a major if not THE major Ley line or for the Chinese, Dragon Line of the Earth.

There seems to be something to do with control of the soil itself that is of critical importance , so

important in fact, that the faith that controls the soil, becomes the "True Faith".


1. Ley Lines in Israeli Government buildings in Jerusalem. .

2. More detail on same and comparison to masonic Washington, D.C. .

BETHLEHEM - Birthplace of Jesus:

3. Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus: .

MYSTERY NUMBER PI is 3.141: and

Pi day is March 14 or 3 -14. .

4. March 14 would therefore associate the Pi concept with the astrological sign of Pisces.

Oddly enough, the great theoretical physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein was born on

Pi day. No one seems to have made this connection...until now. .

5. Jesus is said to have in fact been born in March and not December. The symbol of the

early Christians was the fish and his apostles were all fishermen turned fishers-of-men to bring

them from the depths to the light. The symbol for Pisces is fish.

6. Jesus as a Pisces: and .

7. The latitude line for Bethlehem is 31.42 N or nearly exact for Pi's 3.141 numbers. and .

Since PI is in fact 3.14159 etc... an approximation would make it 3.1416 then , of course - -

3.142 or the same as the numbers , in order for the latitude of the small town where Jesus was

born. .


PI is PIsces. Jesus is associated with the fish or fishermen and fishermen seek Fish which in

latin is PIsces in spanish Pesces. The symbol for his religion is the astrological symbol for

Pisces and PI day is at 3.14 or March 14 in Pisces. Coincidence? PI day is associated with

advanced mathematics and Albert Einstein , also a jew, like Jesus is born on that day. More



The real Birthday of Jesus is March 14. PI in the sky or PI in the sea ? The reader must as

always decide.


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I was born march 14 and im a double pisces, meaning moon and sun sign is pisces...

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Double pisces born on March 10, 1967... I feel we're cousins :)

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Oops, sorry, I'm a freaking TRIPLE pisces! I'm crazy about a mercury!

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benindavisca said...

Interesting. But you have some things confused. For instance. Not all Israelites are Jews. What has become of the other 12 tribes of Israel who were held captive by Egypt?