Saturday, July 26, 2008

Left Behind 216 links antichrist to Earth Moon and Mars

There are those that believe we live in a giant version of THE MATRIX, the Hollywood movie

starring Keanu Reeves. This writer does not know the answer to that - but - there is evidence of

numerical factors that cannot be coincidence which show the hidden hand of the Illuminati at

work. Whether this is built into the solar system or just a way of creating a numbering system

to work black magick is unknown. The reader must decide his or her own truth.

NUMBER 216 = 6x6x6 : This was the number used by the Antichrist in fictional or semi-fictional

books known best as THE LEFT BEHIND series.

See: .

The Babylonian Moon god was named - SIN -

The Moon has a Diameter of 2160 miles and is 216,000 miles distant from the Earth. .

The antichrist is known as "The Man of Sin" - .

The distance around the Earth is 21,600 nautical miles.

A nautical mile has to do with "nautical" or the sea or Oceans. Of the antichrist it is said:

"From the eternal sea he rises" .

The Eternal Sea is , of course , Outer Space. The Moon and Mars are in outer space as far as

we here on Earth are concerned.

The average radius of Mars is "( 2,106.45 miles) scroll down 60% .

Zero has no value in western numerology so 2106 is 216 *.

There is an alleged link between the antichrist and Mars: .


Is this coincidence or a Matrix of Evil? The reader must decide. Pythagoras believed that

souls were reincarnated every 216 years after death. This year in 2008 , Easter came early -

in March . The next time it will come this early is in the Year 2160 on St. Patrick's Day. .

Is this a warning or a coincidence - That is for the reader to determine.


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