Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pi links birth of Illuminati Federal Reserve to Cheney Duck Hunting Trip

The Federal Reserve Bank system has long been known to be a tool of the Illuminati. There

now appears to be evidence that the location for its "birthplace" was no accident but another

numerological aspect of the black magick practices of the ruling elite of the "western world".

This article hope to expose that. Whether it is coincidence or conspiracy is up to the reader.

Illuminati Background of Federal Reserve Banking System:

1. Linked to Rothschild effort to control USA money supply after end of Civil War.

2. "Back in 1910 a group of men led by Senator Nelson Aldrich met at JEKYLL ISLAND to

discuss monetary reform for the United States. By 1913, they were successful in establishing the

Federal Reserve. .

3. The Fed , as it is called , is made to appear to be a government agency, but it is really not.

There is little 'federal' about it and it has absolutely not one dollar in 'reserve'. .

4. The illuminati cash "slush fund" is estimated at 65 TRILLION dollars. .

Mystical Number Pi 3.1415...etc Background with the Illuminati:

5. Pi is not just in the is nearly everywhere the Illuminati trail is uncovered. and .

Background of Jekyll Island , the Birthplace of the monstrous Federal Reserve Bank:

6. Jekyll Island, Georgia. It is described as Georgia's Jewel. .

7. Birthplace of Fed at: .

The ruse or lie to cover up the meeting of the elite to create the Federal Reserve was a duck

hunting trip. This is

the exact paradigm used by Dick Cheney and USA Supreme Court Justice Scalia to institute the

George W. Bush New World Order Regime energy scam that ousted Governor Gray Davis of

California and replaced him with Rothschild stooge Arnold Schwarzenneger. .

8. Jeckyll Island is at latitude N. 31.41. . This is

almost identical for the first four numbers of Pi. 3.141 - or go to and insert - pi 3.141 - .

9. The latitude for the center of the State of Louisiana is 31.10 N, therefore the line 31.41 N runs

just north of the middle of the State. . The

State motto is The Sportsman's Paradise. .


We are nothing but "sport" to the illuminati elites. After they have had their fill they then have

a penchant for Pi for dessert. We need to stop being their livestock or ducks. We need to stand

on our feet and resist their evil New World Order of debt slavery. It is now .... or never.


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