Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poussin 23.5 Merovingian links Mars to Pine Gap Base

The Land Down Under or OZ has extensive links to Illuminati activities. This phenomenon has

been explored previously by this writer (and others). See:

a) Aussie Tv controlled by NWO.
b) Masonic "Penis of Osiris" replicate in Perth Swan Bell Tower which is 23.5 meters tall. .

c)City of Perth near major energy vortex and 33rd parallel S.
d) Canberra link to Cydonia plain on Mars - .

The angle of 23.5 Degrees has been linked to the Da Vinci Code theory of the marriage of

Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their blood lineage, which intermingled with the barbarian

Franks and formed the Merovingian Dynasty. It is the tilt degree of the current Earth Axis.

g) Tallest building in the UK = .

The Pine Gap military base in Australia is near Alice Springs. It has been associated with

UFOs , Reptilian hominids, and other exotic, esoteric and New World Order phenomena:

h) It is the "Area 51" of Australia - .
i) See photos -
j) Storage place for blood to be radionically stimulated for mind control - scroll down 90% .

*Therefore we see a theoretically link with the concept of "blood" between the Pine Gap base

and the 23.5 degree associated Merovingian Dynasty.*

As noted previously, the Pine Gap Underground base, which only allows USA citizens in and

allegedly no Australians - even though it is on their soil - is very near to the city of Alice Springs.

Alice Springs "coincidentally" is at latitude 23.5 S. scroll down 50% and .

Alice Springs and Pine Gap Underground Base at: and

Alice Springs is very close to the geographic center of Australia in an area that has been

inhabited by tribespeople for nearly 50,000 years.,_Northern_Territory . On May 23 , 2000 , the

Australian judiciary finally recognized the existence of native land rights. In Australia, May 23

would be written 23-5-00. Again, the 23.5 synchronicity. . Coincidence?

The Shoemaker-Levy Comet crashed into Jupiter about 14 years ago. The following link quotes

from the Bible that satan "Walked up and Down in the Midst of the Stones of Fire" scroll down

nearly 50% . The article details the destruction of ancient

civilization on Mars by a strike by an asteroid or meteor.

Near to Alice Springs an area of Comet impact craters from about 10,000 years ago can be

found. The Henbury crater cluster is called by the aborigines in their language the :

"Sun Walk Fire Devil Rock" It can be found

on footnote 23 of the link as well. The aborigines avoid the iron stones of the impact region as

being "taboo". scroll down 60% . Iron is the alchemical metal for Mars. .

Somehow, long before telescopes and space flights, ancient magicians knew and now we

discover that Mars is a huge ball of Iron. How can that be explained away? .

Dr. Shoemaker died in an auto accident near Alice Springs. His ashes were scattered on the

Moon. . There are some that suspect a coverup linked

to the NASA Pathfinder landing on Mars. .

There are those that believe that the Comet Shoemaker-Levy was in fact a UFO fuel tank that

was ejected when empty. . Others believe that the comet

Shoemaker Levy was in fact a NASA nuke intended to ignite Jupiter into a second Sun.

A play on the 23.5 numerologically would or could be 20.35 since zero has no value. The

only inhabited island , off the coast of Australia , in the Whitsunday chain is Hamilton Island.

There is a very strange statue there with the caption from Jesus saying "The Truth will set you

Free". . The SETI organization

or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Organization has held a conference there. .

Seth Shostak attended the conference. He works for SETI and some believe he has an agenda

that excludes significant amounts of evidence of the truth. . Hamilton Island is

at 20.35 latitude S. .

The martian moon Phobos has a diameter of 23.5 kilometers. scroll down 23.5 .

The martian moon Deimos has a GM or galactic measure orbit of 23.5 scroll down 50% .


There is a theory that a Stargate exists on the Pine Gap base that leads to Mars. .

There may be numerous uses for Pine Gap including Time Portals to go to Mars and part of

of a secret colonization effort on Mars as well. . A link to the Merovingians

and Pine Gap is discussed here: .

Finally, it appears that the illuminati bloodline may be linked to human ancestors on Mars. .


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