Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pi links Unas Egyptian Texts to NASA Osiris Cult

The hidden numerology of the illuminati is always a source of wonder and amazement. Hidden

codes, symbols and designs permeate much of their workings - if not all. The present matter

finds a correlation between 22/7 , a common symbol for the mystical number Pi and the

Unas Pyramid Egyptian spells and a NASA space travel vehicle. Whether this is coincidence or

by conscious design is left to the reader.


A. 22/7 is a common symbol for the mystical number Pi: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_that_22/7_exceeds_%CF%80 .

B. The 5th Dynasty Pharoah Unas' pyramid contained the so-called earliest discovered

Pyramid Texts. There were 227 spells or incantations. www.crystalinks.com/pyramidtext.html .

C. The ancient egyptians seemed to know of Pi and used the fraction 22/7 for it. www.jimloy.com/pseudo/pyramid.htm .

D. The rings of Saturn are 22.7 micron brightness. www.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1978ApJ...219L..63N .

E. There appears to be a Saturn link to ancient egypt and a lost "golden age". www.kronia.com/saturn.html .

Saturn and the egyptian calendar at : www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylo-666saturn.htm .

F. There are those that believe that an Osiris cult exists inside NASA and that many launch

times and other decisions are based on a form of magic ritual. www.weirdload.com/moon.html .

G. There is a link between Osiris , the ancient egyptian god , and the Constellation Orion, the

hunter. www.doernenburg.alien.de/alternativ/orion/ori00_e.php (the final ori00 could be

ori00 replacing zeros with capital O's). See also: www.robertbauval.co.uk/articles/articles/cciae.html .

H. The Constellation Gemini or the twins is linked to the 22.7 or 22/7 Pi phenomenon. www.botproductions.com/stellar/gemini.html .

There is evidence that the twin towers -represented by Gemini - were brought down with

exotic technologies linked to the Giza plateau pyramids. www.akasha.de/~aton/TG2002.html .

See also: The connection between "The Silver Gates of Gemini" through which souls return to

Earth and the god Osiris. scroll down 60% www.diagnosis.co.uk/7.htm .

I. The 22.7 degree angle appears also in the archaeoastronomy of ancient Scotland. Significance

is unknown. www.stonesofwonder.com/uisken.htm . "Stones of Wonder"...

J. The Orion Space vehicle has recently been unveiled. It is the spacecraft that will take mankind

to the Moon and Mars, according to Osiris cult-led NASA. Please recall that Orion is closely

linked , as noted , to Osiris. www.gizmodo.com/367722/orion-crew-test-module-timelapse-build

and www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/constellation/orion/index.html .


The mass as noted on the two previous links of the Orion (Osiris) space vehicle is 22.7 metric

tons. Another coincidence that 22/7 is Pi and 22.7 is the vehicle that will take humanity to Mars?

This is particularly curious since Cairo, the capital of Egypt nearby the Giza Pyramids where

Osiris/Orion was worshipped is the local word for "MARS". More coincidence? The reader must

decide. See: Cairo = Mars at www.halexandria.org/dward358.htm .

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