Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mars and Vile Vortexes link OJ Simpson to Illuminati Dubai

The idea that the illuminati build their satanic structures on ley lines of psychic energy and use

numbers, degrees , angles and codes in their evil works is becoming ever more exposed. This

article provides additional information to the reader which provides information on why the

building boom of New World Order architecture is going on in Dubai.

This is linked to the Law of Fives and a global ley line along the 25th Parallel North , which is

also known to create so-called Vile Vortexes. OJ Simpson seems to feel at home there....


1. Everything linked to the number Five. Also associated with the Illuminati.

Illuminati and FIVE - 5 = .

2. Dubai is located on the 25th Parallel. 5 x5 or 5 squared.

3. Dubai has become the empire of illuminist and larger-than-life architecture and mega

projects unheard of anywhere else in history. .

It is a modern day grandiose atlantis: See video: .

And also : Super bridge: .

Click on Slide Show: . * As an aside this slide show has a depiction

of the Masonic created city of Savannah , Georgia, USA. Oddly, the zip code for Savannah is

the same as the numbers for Pi. . Savannah Zip Code - . **

4. Latitude 25 appears to be connected to negative energy centers known as "Vile Vortexes" :

"The highest energy areas seem to center near the 31.7 degree (Positive) or 25 degree (Negative) parallels - North and South: " scroll down 15% .

5. The bulk of the cities in the United Arab Emirates are on the 25th Parallel. .

6. OJ Simpson ... apparently still searching for "the real killers" of his wife, has moved to the

village of PineCrest , Florida. .

7. The City is located on latitude 25.666 N. The Vile Vortex AND The Number of the Beast -

how fitting, would you not agree? .

8. The axis tilt of the planet Mars is 25 Degrees: .

Whether this corresponds to the earth vile vortex ley line is unknown.

9. The planet Mars in "stress aspects" comes up a lot in the horoscopes of serial killers and

mass murderers. .


Dubai seems to be a form of Disneyland-in-the-Devil's-Triangle on parallel 25. It is also of

interest to know that the two most famous African-American TV criminal trial defendants,

OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson , both seek refuge on the Vile Vortex line of Parallel 25.

OJ in Florida and Michael in Dubai. Coincidence or Sympathy for the Devil???


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