Monday, July 14, 2008

Pi 22/7 links Jakarta Obelisk to Giza and Uxmal Pyramids

The critical importance of the irrational number Pi ( 3.1415...etc) to the advanced mathematics

of the ancient world and the illuminati of today is only now being understood. For reasons

unknown it appears that Pi or its approximations such as the symbol/fraction 22/7 appear

repeatedly in the unlikeliest places. The present article hopes to highlight and expose one of

these oddities or "coincidences" for the reader. This one involves the Indonesian capital city

of Jakarta , the Giza Plateua Great Pyramid and the radian of Pi.


1. The fraction 22/7 is a symbol for the mystical , possibly infinite and irrational number - Pi. .

There is even a Pi approximation day - July 22. or 22/7 for July , the seventh month of the year. .

2. The concept of Pi is linked to the mathematics of the circle. The 360 degrees of a circle

equals 2 pi radians. .

3. In mathematical testing for hidden clues or codes regarding Pi, this writer multiplied

the "2 pi radians" as 2 x Pi. The answer is: 6.283... Go to and enter -

2 x pi = . If one exchanges the common Pi approximation 22/7 and multiplies 2 x 22/7 , the

answer is 6.285...

4. This particular line of latitude 6.285 S runs through Jakarta , the capital of Indonesia. .

5. The Pi approximation when multiplied by 2 ends in 285. This could be associated with the

28.5 Latitude N location of the evil Temple of Set , in Egypt. .

6. The independence monument in Jakarta , Indonesia is the Monas Monument. It is an

obelisk , 137 meters tall , with a simulated torch or flame covered with 35 kilograms of Gold. .

7. The Great Pyramid of Giza is 137 meters tall. .

8. The four sides of the Giza Pyramid are 227 meters in length. and .

9. The same 227 number comes up in the base of the sarcophagus of Khufu , the builder of the

Great Pyramid. scroll down 50% .

10. The same 227 number comes up in the design of the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal,

Mexico. .

11. The Pyramid in Uxmal also has another interesting coincidence. The length of 162 feet also

comes up.

It just so happens that 1.62 is an approximation for PHI or The Golden Ratio - /

12. This 1.62 ratio is also evident in the design of Noah's Ark which allowed escape and survival

from the Great Flood. . The length of the ark

in feet is 515.7. This number corresponds to the 51.5 degree angle of the top of the Khufu

pyramid and the height of the tallest building in the Masonic Capital of Texas, Austin. .

*This links the tallest building in Austin to Noah's Ark. A protective totem for the masons in

Texas, perhaps??? According to masonic lore and legend, Noah was the first freemason who

brought their dark arts with him from the antedeluvian world of the Nephilim. .

13. The Mayans were fascinated by the legends of the Great Flood. / .


Much of the modern world is based on the ancient sorcery and science of the pre-flood or

antedeluvian world of the Nephilim, the fallen ones, whom G-D erased in the Great Flood. The

Illuminati - Masonic elites seek to recreate that world of evil. It is our job to prevent it. Are you

ready for the task?


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