Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grand Septile links Michelin Man and Masonic Austin to Giza

A previous article has noted the significance of the Number 50 to Pythagoras, the greek

mathematician that was considered a quasi-messiah figure in his time. "ALL is NUMBER" was

his saying. This may explain the masonic love for numerology, angles, designs. ley lines and such.

The article linked 50 to the EU , the Merovingian Dynasty and the Holy Roman Empire. see : .

What , really , is the number 50???

5 x 1 and 5 x 2. 51 and 52 or to extrapolate to degrees and lines of latitude as has been done

before in previous articles: 51.52 latitude North and or 51.52 degree angle.

A. Illuminati HQ London, U.K. is at latitude 51.52 N -,_United_Kingdom) .

B. The Great Pyramid in Giza plateau, Egypt has the 51.52 degree angle as well: .

C. The first link in this article noted a link to the Merovingian Dynasty and the number 50.

Oddly, the tallest building in London is One Canada Place, a pyramid topped structure that is

235 meters tall. This matches the 23.5 degree angle of the DaVinci Code - Merovingian DNA

painter , Poussin. See: .


5 x 1 and 2 x 5 or 51 and 25 or to extrapolate to an angle or line of latitude 51.25 N.

D. The slope or angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid are 51.25 degrees N and for purposes

of Astrology, most of the year 2008 will be under a 51.25 degree Grand Septile , which is often

linked with heavy amounts of psychic phenomena and alleged UFO activity. This may lead

to a "New Reality" .

E. The 51.2 degree angles is associated with the "Star of Bethlehem" linked to the visit by the

Three Kings to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. This article also notes the correlation to the

angle of the Giza Pyramid. scroll down 60% .

F. As an aside (maybe???) The tire company, Michelin has created a motorcycle tire that

"allows you to achieve a 51.2 degree lean angle, unprecedented for a road tyre." .

See also .

G. The Michelin man was a mummy (and still looks like one) at first. This is another odd link

in the company and an of course, the pyramids of Egypt where mummies and the 51.2 degree

angle are to be found. and .

H. The capital of the evil State of Texas, roosting nest for the Yale - Bush Skull and Bones clan,

is Austin. It is a masonic capital. .

I. The tallest building is the Frost Tower, it is 515 feet tall. Seems similar to the 51.5 degree

angle, noted at the previous link in this article on letter B. , above: . It also has 33 stories, the number of the highest

level of Masonry.

J. The telephonic area code for Austin, Texas is 512 , seems similar to the 51.2 degree angle

noted in the previous link in this article on letter D. , . Interestingly enough as well, the

latitude on this link shows that Austin is very very close to exact latitudinal alignment with

the Great Pyramid complex site at Giza itself and the mouth of the River of Time, The Nile. .


At the heart of all of these phenomena is Freemasonry. The EU, The Merovingians, The

Holy Roman Empire link to Pythagoras and his number 50. As now seen, this turns out to be

a hidden code for the angles of the Great Pyramid which links the masonic stronghold of London

to the current astrological Grand Septile and the mummy michelin man to global death penalty

capital of Austin, Texas. Brick by Brick - the Illuminati pave their road to hell for mankind. They

hide in plain sight as they smile at the masses and diligently work towards the establishment of

the One World Government of the antichrist. Will you look away and count your breathe to 50?

Or will you resist? That is the question only the reader can answer.


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