Friday, July 25, 2008

Pi x 51.51 Degree Giza Pyramid Angle equals God's Ratio

The illuminati are all about numbers. Money is of course also about numbers. A lot of numbers

in your account on a computer cipher means you are rich and need not work, take long vacations

with beautiful women on yachts and live the Life of Riley. It does not matter how those numbers

got to your account - all that matters is that they are there.

The City of London is a city within a city. It is a one square mile area where the wealth of

british banking , controlled by the Illuminati, is concentrated. A link has been found to Pi, the

51.51 degree angle slope of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza , Doha , Qatar a wealthy enclave

which was used as the Coalition Headquarters for the invasion of Iraq Externsteine - the nazi

Stonehenge and PHI or God's Ratio - Divine Ratio .

The reader must determine if there is a connection or if it is mere coincidence.


1. The Pyramid of Khufu is sloped at a 51.51 degree angle: scroll down 15% .

2. The City of London enclave is located at 51.51 degrees N. Latitude: "The square mile" as in

the masonic square: .

3. It is run by The City of London Corporation "which has some unusual resposibilites for a

local authority", according to the link in 1. above. The same link also states that The City of

London Corporation officers are NOT people but the Corporate Entities that reside there.

The banking giants are all in residence there including the Bank of England.

4. City not subject to British Law - run by financial elite known as Illuminati:

For More: / Scroll down 60% "Financial elite...

city of center...guns ....weapons....drugs .

5. London is chock full of Illuminati Symbols: .

6. The City of London is at 51.51 N. Latitude. The same degree as the slope of Khufu Pyramid
scroll down 45% to "Central London".

7. Externsteine , according to SS leader Heinrich Himmler , was a form of Nazi / Aryan

Stonehenge. / see video: and -

8. The latitude for Externsteine is very close to that of the City of London and the slope of

the angle of Khufu's pyramid 51.52 compared to 51.51.

9. Doha , Qatar, was the city from which General Tommy Franks conducted the Iraq War.

The longitude of Doha, Qatar is 51.51 Longitude. Like the City of London, Qatar is all about $$$.,_Qatar) .

The latitude of Doha, as noted in the previous link is on the 25th Parallel which is associated with

vile vortexes and negative energy. .

It was from this location that the war was conducted - coincidence?

10. If you multiply Pi x 51.51 the answer is : 161.823438 . insert Pi x 51.51 =

and click on search.

11. There is a connection between Fibonacci number sequences and PHI or the Divine Ratio.

The eight section corresponds to 1.6182 - virtually the same numbers as the multiplication of

the irrational / mystical number Pi and The angle - slope of the Great Pyramid of Giza. scroll

down 35% and "the 'Golden Ratio'

or 'Phi' , an irrational ratio equal to approximately 1: 1.6182. This particular ratio was , to the

ancient Greeks, the ideal ratio on which to proportion buildings for the best aesthetic effect." . google phi 1.6182 .



The Iraq War went well when the Headquarters was in Doha. The City of London is swimming

in Money and the Emirate of Qatar's capital of Doha is awash in Money. Coincidence or esoteric

science at work for the Illuminati elites?


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