Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Azoth 414 exposes Mohammed Atta as Mace of Hermes

The WTC Twin Towers and the NYC Freedom Tower set to replace them may be imbued with

some sort of alchemy or utilize a numerology that is based on alchemical processes. Others have

previously noted that the Twin Towers were more than just symbols but were in fact magickal

totem poles of energy. Their destruction was a ritual human sacrifice designed to bring about

the New World Order and or The New Age.

This article hopes to provide the reader with more information to provide proof for this belief.


1. Azoth 414 was an alleged mystical substance that could cure all illness and disease. It was

a central theme or subject of medieval alchemy. It is also linked to the concept of limitless

light. . Alchemy Azoth 414 and

Poussin's painting The Plague of Ashdod (a city also known as Azoth) at .

2. A universal fluid or medicine associated with Alchemy and it is a word for Mercury and it's

symbol is the Caduceus .

3. The Caduceus is the twin strand or snakes around a pole symbol of modern medicine in the

USA in particular. . More on association with the number

414 at .

THE 9/11 WTC attacks were part of a masonic "Alchemical Transformation of America" .

4. The Twin snakes of the Caduceus correspond to the twin towers. The symbol for money in

the USA is $ is a snake around two poles. This also corresponds to the Caduceus. The twin

towers were about nothing other than MONEY. Mercury is "the god of commerce" and he is

also known as Hermes. . scroll down 20%

for picture. Commerce is also ... only about Money, is it not?

5. Mercury or Hermes is the god that wields the Caduceus. The symbol of Azoth - number 414. .

6. Mercury is depicted as having wings on his feet and flies through the air - much like the

aircraft that crashed into to WTC. .

7. The 9/11 attacks occurred, well, on September 11. September 11 falls under the astrological

sign of Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo.

8. The Symbol for Money $ - CORRESPONDS to "S" for September and ll for the two poles of

the dollar sign. The 9/11 Attacks Corresponded exactly to the $ symbol. The attacks

were an attack on the USA currency. Look at what has happened to the value of it since then!

The ultimate purpose of the attacks was to destroy the US dollar by design , replacing it with the

Amero and forcing the Creation of the North American Union.

9. Mohammed Atta was born on September 1 - he was a Virgo. The S and l put together is

another symbol - the Rod of Aesclepius - a form of the Caduceus also known as Mace. See:

Mohammed Atta birthday: .

Aesclepius = Mace: See photo of Mace of the US House of Representatives and Nazi Eagle . scroll

down 15% .

10. Tower One of the WTC was 414 meters tall. and / .

11. The NYC Freedom Tower will have a 414 foot tall decorative spire that will turn it into a

beacon or a torch. .

12. The Torch or Beacon is symbolic of Illumination. The sign of Virgo shows a woman seated

between two towers. . scroll down 60%.

13. There was a Solar Eclipse exactly on Spica, the brightest star in Virgo on September 11,

2079 B.C. . Another connection to Virgo and thus Hermes.

14. The Capital of the USA Washington, D.C. was designed around the constellation Virgo,

whose brightest star is Spica. . Virgo is the virgin

and D.C. was made from the States of Virginia and Maryland. The Virgin Mary or Isis to the

ancient Egyptians.


Mohammed Atta was not the Hammer of Allah. He was the Mace of Hermes - one of the gods

of the illuminati who secretly conducted the false flag attacks. They designed the Twin

Towers around 414 Azoth and likewise they will do the same with the Freedom Tower. The USA

is their domain. Soon it will cease to serve their evil designs. Soon it will be replaced with The

North American Union and its new currency The Amero. All else is..............LIES.


Yanclae said...

I live at 4104 Fuller Hollow Road in Vestal, NY (Upstate), and there is a big business building when I come into my town with ominous gold #4104 there.

I have had my left hand go into severe state of paralysis over the last year or so. I know that this "mosque" built by a regime in the name of Submission to Allah is a corrupt plan from the get-go.

The corrupt numerology happens less in #414, but more in the difference between (Christ is with me) Osama (oo-saMa) & Obama (Oh-bomb-ah). S & B. And S pinned to the Chaldean form is #3, whereas in American form is either #1 or #19... B being #2. The difference between belief & possession (3 & 2) is the critical issue, from the agenda's perspective.

I know that the "True Image" of Muhammed is his palm.

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