Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago Spire links Elven Heptagram with 666 Pi appearance

The Illuminati drive to conquer the planet for the infernal hierarchies that they serve

continues unabated. The City of Chicago is a major illuminist headquarters, possibly their top

outpost in the USA. There are plans to build a super-tall Spire Tower in the windy city. The

signs all point in the same direction as their Sears Tower - ... straight to Hell.

The reader as always determines what is the Truth or "Truth" ... it is as in the X-Files , Out

There, in the former stomping ground of Al Capone.



1. Chicago role as illuminist outpost: or google terms.

2. Skyscrapers as retro-Babylon Towers: . -

3. The seven pointed star or Heptagram is linked to the occult. It is called the Elven Star. and the Elven Star

with seven points has been linked to "The Seven Sisters" or stars of the Pleiades system as well .

4. It has also been called The Seal or Star of Babalon by Aleister Crowley and the OTO. .

Babalon is the Scarlet Woman who rides the Beast and is the Gateway in the astral plane to the

so-called "City of Pyramids" for the Black Magick Adept. Babalon is of course - Babylon - where

the first skyscraper was built. .

5. A seven-sided structure is associated with Wesleyan University's secret society network. . This society was formed in

Connecticut, very close in time to the founding of the Skull and Bones Society in Yale in the

1830s. . No one there knows what they really do.

6. The Tallest Building in the USA may some day be based on the seven-pointed star as well.

The Calatrava Tower or Chicago Spire is a seven-sided building. and .

7. Each floor rotates 2.44 degrees. It is 609.6 meters , if you turn the 9 upsided down it is of

course , 666 in code. It turns 360 degrees. 360 is 36, since zero has no value in numerology.

36 is linked to 666 = / .

2.44 is actually 2.440 and coincidentally 2440 - is

where the first string of three sixes or 666 first appears in Pi.

Can all of this be happenstance and chance? You reader, must decide.

8. In Feng Shui, spike like or arrow like points are to be avoided. The object or person at the

other end of the point is subjected to hostile energy. The Spire points to Heaven. It is an affront

to God himself, by the entity behind 666 itself, the devil. .


The seven sided structure is a massive magickal complex. It has its bases in Rosicrucianism and

the Thelema Relgion of Aleister Crowley . and scroll to bottom .

Oddly, St. Peter's Square in Rome has seven sides. scroll

down 25%. A seven sided medallion is also associated with the Cubic Stone of the Freemasons

and Rosicrucians, again - scroll to bottom. .

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