Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pi 666 links Fire Island Wicca to USA Heartline

Additional investigation into the illuminati ley line and numerology network has exposed a

connection between the appearance of a string of three 6s or 666 in Pi and the birth of modern

Wicca on Fire Island , New York and the Topeka, the capital of Kansas in the so-called Heartline

of the USA. Previous articles have shown that the Heartline of the USA appears to be dedicated

to the war god planet Mars and now that link is expanded to a direct connection to Pi 666.

1. Background : The number 37 - extensive links to 666 at / .

There is even a link to 60606, which happens to be the zip code for the Sears Tower, the tallest

building currently in the USA. .

2. The reverse of 37 is of course 73.

3. "when including the initial 3 before the decimal point (of Pi), i.e. the whole series of pi's

digits" --The sum of a sequence of three sixes first appears in pi at 2441 - 2442 - 2443- - "The

sum of these is 7326 or 11 x 666." .

11 x 666 is the same as 666 x 11 , of course.

4. The longitude for Fire Island , New York is - you guessed it - 73.26 at The Coast Guard

station on Great South Bay. or google

Fire Island longitude 73.26.

5. The zip code 66611 leads to Topeka , Kansas, the Heartland and in palmistry Heartline of

America. There is a connection to Cydonia plain in Mars. .

6. Fire Island has unique beaches which face south which allow for a unique viewing of the sun.

This is one of the reasons why it became the "birthplace of Wicca" in modern times in the USA.

"Southwest Suffolk County is sacred to Witches" - it is also where Amityville as in The movie

Amityville Horror was based. There is a town named Babylon. .

7. Amityville horror house may be a portal or gateway to hell or the infernal dimensions. .

The latitude line which runs through portions of Suffolk County also appears linked to evil. .


There is a beliefe that a "gay Messiah" will appear in Fire Island. Could this be the antichrist?

whose gender preference is never known....There is never a mention of the entity having a

wife or child......could he emerge from a Portal to Hell located in Fire Island? We shall see. .

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