Sunday, May 11, 2008

Illuminati Numerology links IRS to Fallen Angels

The illuminati work through a series of codes and numbers that can be used to 1) expose them

and 2) disrupt their activites and networks. This article hopes to further expose the workings of

their secret activities based on recently discovered material:

I.R.S link to 666:

1. The IRS is a tax collection agency whose headquarters are located at a 1111 address in

Washington, D.C. .

2. The Knight Templars were tax collectors in the middle ages - scroll down 60% .

3. The Knight Templars were founded in 1111 A.D. - .

4. scroll down 55% for Knight Templar 9 knights banded together on 1111 for link to the 33

degrees of terrorism- .

5. The IRS new headquarters complex has "a strange masonic theme" scroll down 20% and .

6. Using architectural based ideas and symbols one gets to the following:

1111 feet equal 337 meters: This is an approximation: scroll down 90%.

7. The number of fallen angels is approximated to be at least 33,700,000 - scroll down 45% .

8. At least 33,700,000 is a good approximation for 33,800,000 since the "at least" wording of

Book of Revelations 12:4 makes the approximation a higher one, not a lower one. If one goes to

google at and inserts 1111 feet = - one comes up with 338 as the

approximate number of meters.

9. Someone else has either figured this out or is using it. The worst form of spyware is called

fallen angel 338 - .

10. The Sky Harbor Airport in the city of Phoenix, Arizona is at an altitude of 337 meters. . scroll to near bottom.

11. Phoenix is a 100% masonic created city located at decimal latitude 33.33 N. Would this odd

altitude then be a coincidence? and President Grant,

a 33rd degree freemason talked of moving the US capital there - scroll down 55% .


The 1111 = 338 links the Fallen Angels to the Knight Templars ,former tax collectors, to the

modern day IRS, the present tax collectors. This also shows that anyway or approximation one

looks at be it 33,800,000 or at least 33,700,000 - the number of fallen angels begins with , of

course, the masonic 33 - another coincidence?

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