Sunday, May 11, 2008

23.5 x Golden Ratio links Thomas Jefferson Monticello to Poussin Code

The mansion built by illuminati member and founding father of the United States of America,

Thomas Jefferson, has now been linked to occult numerology. It is tied into the DaVinci Code

artist Nicholas Poussin and his enigmatic 23.5 degree angle depicted in paintings encoding

veiled references to the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the existence of their

bloodline. Monticello, which means little mountain in italian is also tied into the Golden Ratio

and the occult number 39 which is 13 x 3, also a reference to the illuminati membership.

This may present a hidden , but now clear, link between illuminist Thomas Jefferson and

the Holy Grail bloodline theory. Where that could lead to is present.


1. Thomas Jefferson was a suspected member of the Weishaupt led Bavarian illuminati: scroll

down 30% and .

2. Monticello was designed as a copy of a Roman villa in Nimes , France. "it was to be the first

building in the modern world directly based on an antique temple." .

3. Nicholas Poussin was a painter that is linked to the DaVinci Code and the 23.5 degree angle

appears in many of his paintings. scroll down 30% .

4. Poussin was associated with the Roman villa at Nimes. "Poussin also found a special

relationship between architecture and the human body. On his return to France, Poussin visited

Nimes (as Thomas Jefferson would 150 years later) to admire its Roman Temple, the so-called

Maison Carree.",9171,981923-4,00.html .

5. The golden ration or Phi has been linked to human beauty:

6. 23.5 x phi = 38.0237987 or 38.02. Go to enter - 23.5 x phi = -.

7. Monticello is located at latitude 38.0 , a very close approximation to 38.02. .

The longitude is noted as 78.27 W in the previous link.

8. 78 is 39 x 2. 39 is 13 x 3 or the illuminati 13 tripled. The number 27 is 3x3x3 or 333 a

number long noted for the occult associations or 9x3 which is 93, the number of Aleister Crowley

and his Thelema cult. see: 39 = 13 x 3 illuminati . 333 is the number

of the dweller in the abyss, Choronzon and 93 Thelema at .


It appears that Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is really not a design based on an "antique

temple" - - it is one. A pagan illuminist temple in the heart of Virginia...the Virgin. The roman

villa at Nimes visited by both Poussin , suspected Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, and

Thomas Jefferson had the concept of beautiful girls imbedded in it as symbols of columns - scroll

down 40% . Clearly, Monticello was placed where it

was due to sacred geometry - the 23.5 of the Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene linked to the golden

ratio, called the Divine Ratio or a code embedded by God himself in the creation of Nature - .

Monticello is where the illuminati meet the DaVinci Code - that is no longer a code nor a secret.


survivalcell said...

If you think this links Jefferson to the Holy Grail check out my blog; He left an entire geomantic grid via the township system that masons and occult groups still use to do astrological geomancy, place monuments and many other things. Please see it. It directly relates to your thoughts on him and the Holy Grail. Did you know he edited a book called "search for the holy grail?"

Jason IL said...

where is this township?