Monday, May 19, 2008

Request Vatican Excommunicate USA Supreme Court Justices favoring Death Penalty

The USA is one of the world capitals of what the late Pope John Paul II called, The Culture of

Death. Many nations have the death penalty, particularly communist or muslim countries.

Other countries do not have the death penalty but have legalized abortion such as in most of

Europe. In Latin America, at least officially, there is no death penalty anywhere but communist

Cuba and again except for Cuba, few places where abortion is available legally.

Few countries have the death penalty and abortion outside of the few remaining communist

states such as North Korea , China, Cuba, and so forth. The USA joins that list. The USA has

also allowed for assisted suicide to go forward , late term abortions and stem cell research.

Now there is legalized homosexual marriage in two States, including the giant - California.

There is also now legalized torture , except it is called something else and pre-emptive war

to include even pre-emptive nuclear war against countries that are not at war with the USA and

have no logical or even irrational plans to attack or invade the USA - ever.

In this background we have the rubbish being presented to the World that the USA is

A Nation of laws

This Nation of Laws has a three-branch form of government with the unelected Judicial

Branch, comprised entirely of lawyers being coequal with the Congress and Presidency.

This branch is led by 9 lawyers-judges known as Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice, now John Roberts, an epileptic, is theoretically the Constitutional equivalent

of the President of the United States of America.

a Five beats Four system of ruling on cases and issues means that 5 Supreme Court Justices

can decide Life or Death, whether a man can marry another man or whether waterboarding is

really torture. THE LAW OF FIVES is of course THE LAW of the ILLUMINATI.

It just so happens that currently 5 of the 9 are Catholics. Yet ---somehow the agenda of

abortion, late term abortion, waterboarding, forbidding a moment of prayer in schools or public

events, no Christmas displays in public, and ---The continuation of the death penalty- go on

without end. All of the above and much more are against the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic

Church and the Popes, past and present , consider many of these acts to be EVIL and against

Church doctrine in the extreme.

It just so happens that of the 5 Catholic Justices, 4 are suspected of ties to Opus Dei, a far-right

cult/ organization / cell / subculture and so forth within the Church itself. This cult or group

has as its major doctrinal plank ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE TO THE POPE. Go figure ???

Meanwhile, all of these 5 Catholic Justices are Republican appointees or party members.

Catholic members of Congress who favor abortion, also called a woman's right to choose , are

subjected to being excommunicated simply for holding those beliefs even though they may not

have ever had an abortion or paid for one or advised someone to get one. Most of the Catholic

congressmen threatened with excommunication - a grave act condemning one to Hell - if left

as is - are Democrats. There appears to be discrimination in which murder of the unborn is

grounds for excommunication and murder of the condemned is ignored.


Please sign in the comments section your name and a Statement in favor of both the aiders

and accomplices to murder of either the unborn or the condemned be excommunicated at once.

Please respectfully direct your petition to Pope Benedict XVI. Please no insults. Just a request.

This will then be emailed to him when it reaches 777 signers. This to show that evil under the

bogus RULE OF LAW in the USA is really still just evil, and should be condemned without taking

politcal sides or engaging in hypocrisy.

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