Monday, May 26, 2008

9/11 London Eye Aligns with Nazi star Aldebaran on Queen's Birthday

The intricacy of the illuminati networks in aligning their symbolic structures to ley lines of the

Earth and the planets in the heavens is almost beyond comprehension. Clearly, many massive

engineering, architectural and geopolitical developments appear to be controlled by a "hidden

hand" while the masses of humans ignorantly go about their business like happy cattle unaware

of the pending slaughter.

This particular article happens to be associated with the discovery by this writer of an article

on United Airlines Hemispheres magazine on page 112. The title of the section was the stars and

it was written by Kathryn L. Silverton. There was an illustration of the zodiac sign Taurus

drawn by Nik Schulz that showed the Constellation Taurus in alignment with the London Eye

ferris wheel - a known Illuminist symbol - looking West from London on April 21, 2008 at

9:30p.m. See and . The date of the magazine was May 2008.

The following link shows the actual illustration: The largest star in Taurus is the eye or 'eye' of

the Taurean Bull shown clearly on the left. As noted it aligns with the eye or 'eye' of the ferris

wheel. .

That large eye star is Aldebaran. known to the ancient hebrews as the "Eye of God" and to the

mystic Nazis as the home planet of the Aryan Race and the "supermen" . Scroll down 20% and

"The Vril magic eye is a mythical nazi espionage and reconaissance device..." scroll down 80% .

See Hebrews -eye of G-d at: . It may

also be noted that the declination of Aldebaran as seen prominently on the previous link is 16.18

degrees. Oddly, 1.618 is the beginning number sequence for PHI or The Divine Ratio or God's

Ratio. .

The time the illustration in the Hemispheres article is 9:30 p.m. which happens to be of

course, the number 93 of the Thelema religion formed by Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed

Great Beast 666. .

April 21, when the alignment occurs is the birthday of the suspected reptilian Queen of

England. .

Queen of England = Reptilian info at: .


For those that believe in coincidence please note the following:

The article in the magazine is on page 112. April 21 is the 111th day of the year EXCEPT on Leap

Years , of which 2008 -when the illustration was taken -would make it the 112th day of the year,

coinciding exactly with the page odd, don't you think? Further, therefore on

April 20 of 2008 , due to it being a leap year it would be the 111th day of the year instead of

number 110. April 20th is Adolf Hitler's Birthday, the worshipper of the Aldebaran-based

"Supermen" , whose star aligns on his Day of Birth with the Illuminati Eye of London ferris

wheel. . The number 111 is heavily

linked to the 9/11 attacks: / / .

Another bizarre coincidence is that United Airlines, that publishes the Hemispheres magazine

had its aircraft Flight 93 , be the one that crashed or was shot down in the Pennsylvania field.

Again, the Illuminati Eye aligns at 9:30pm and United Flight 93 linked to the 9/11 Attacks with

its 11 and 111 numerology association. Article published on page 112 on the leap year day as noted. . Otherwise , April 21 would be

Day 111 on a regular Year. Dear Reader: What is your definition of coincidence? These intricate

workings simply CANNOT be controlled or managed by something that is HUMAN, can they?

Then what could it be? The Supermen, The Reptilians? The Devil? You reader must decide.

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