Saturday, June 27, 2009

X-Men Wolverine Dog Tag Meaning Exposed

This writer saw the X-Men Origins movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine the other day.

The plot has this character wearing a military "Dog Tag". This writer looked at the number and

decided to see if there was a code or meaning to it. The following is what was discovered. It may

be coincidence or conspiracy - full of meaning or devoid of design - that is for the reader to


1. Background on X-Men Origins - Wolverine: and .

2. The number of the dog tag is 458-25-243 : .

3. The number 458: At - 458 degrees below zero , there is a complete absence of heat. It

cannot get any colder than this or better said there cannot be less heat than a complete absence

of heat itself. .

"Dante's Inferno depicts satan as living in a frozen wasteland" .

4. The number 25: 5squared or 5 x 5. The Law of Fives linked to the Illuminati. - .

5. The Number 243: A mathematically speaking "Apocalyptic Number". There are altogether

243 isotopes of all natural existing elements. and .

6. The movie X-Men Origins had to do in some part with the search for a stone, a meteor with

special attributes needed to make Wolverine's claws into indestructible metal. If you add the

numbers 458 + 25 + 243 , the sum is 726. See: "Its initials make the word V I T R I O L , the

Universal Solvent, to be discussed later. )Its value is 726 = 6 x 112 = 33 x 22). " scroll down

50% . The Universal Solvent is a name

for the alchemist's Philosopher's Stone. This substance transmutes matter and turns lead into

gold, among other attributes.

7. The number 726 is twice 363 a number associated with the ancient egyptian god Thoth. See: .

8. Thoth is the deity associated with Alchemy: .


The Dog Tags used by Logan / Wolverine are of Canadian military style. They can be broken

in half. Half of 762 is 363 , the number of the egyptian god Thoth - the god of alchemy , the

ultimate transformation. .

The Calgary Tower ( in Canada for those who do not know) has 762 steps to the top. .

The Torch is a symbol of the Illuminati. During the 1988 Winter Games, the Calgary Tower

became the world's largest Olympic Torch . . Wolverine is the comic

book version of the Illuminati Masonic Antichrist. This dovetails with the belief that many have

that the antichrist may be a canadian citizen.

Throughout their movies and propaganda, they are preparing the masses for the arrival of evil.

Will you be ready? Will you resist?


Maxwell Hammer said...

So you got all that from a fake dog tag in a movie? You're really reaching aren't you?

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