Sunday, June 21, 2009

666 links NYC Crane Collapse to Angels & Demons

The present article compiles information from previous articles into a pattern. This writer did

not previously see a connection between articles linking the Tom Hanks starring movie Angels &

Demons with a Ley Line for NASA's Cape Canaveral and a tragic NYC Crane Collapse. This

article hopes to piece together the pieces of the puzzle for the reader.


1. The Number 806 is linked to 666 and the NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral: .

2. The Number 806 is linked to 666 and The so-called Pascal Triangle:

3. The number 303 and 503 have been linked to Devil's Night and the movie Angels & Demons .

*** It should have been obvious to this writer that if you add 303 and 503 you end up with 806.

4. The address of the NYC Crane Disaster , the worst industrial accident in NYC history is

303. This event has previously been linked to the Illuminati and their alleged ritual called The

Burning Man Festival. .


The movie Angels & Demons essentially was about Satan taking over the House of

God , it is essentially a tale of the collapse of the Power of God and its replacement with the

Fallen Angel. The Crane is a symbol of Communication or Communion with God. That being the

Crane as a bird not a mechanical device. .

The Crane Collapse , caused by Illuminati rituals was designed to simulate the collapse of

man's communion with God . See it and weep.

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