Sunday, March 16, 2008

333 Dweller in the Abyss links Titanic and Lusitania to MK Ultra

The evil plan and design of the illuminati cannot be of human origin. The proof is very simple.

Assuming there is a design or plan as part of the bases for the issue - no human being could

devise a plan so intricate and long-term. Simply put , no human being has the longevity to plan

and manage matters for decades and decades. This is particularly true since most people in their

first 25 years or so are not in a position, financially or socially to have this power.

The current matter deals with an illuminati suspected family linked in some way or another to

333 choronzon numerology, the SOS signal from the Titanic, Kaprekar number link to location

of where it sank, the sinking of the Lusitania and - oddly enough, the MK ULTRA mind control

program .

This article may tend to add corroboration to the belief that the sinking of the Titanic and

Lusitania (which led to US involvement in WWI) were parts of an illuminati conspiracy.


1. 333 numerology link to sinking of Titanic. "A tour of titanic related sites in Montreal." The

Allan Building - 333 Rue de la Commune. The Allan Company's steamship Virginian picked up

the Titanic's first distress signal and wired head office in Montreal for permission to alter course

to go to the ship's rescue. The message was sent to the world thereafter from this building. .

2. The Titanic sank and went into the abyss...abysos was the ancient greek term for the ocean

depths. 333 is the number of the demon choronzon the "dweller in the abyss". .

3. The Allan Building was named for Sir Hugh Allan, a shipping magnate and one of the richest

men in the world. .

4. A Titanic lifeboat was found at latitude 30.56 N . An officer of the Leyland Line ship , The

Californian saw her go under and if his version is correct, the ship was not where the "official"

history would have it. .

5. There are two mysterious Kaprekar numbers known to mathematics at present. They are

495 and 6174. If you multiply them together you end up with the first four digits being 3056.

The number of feet around the four sides of the great pyramid of Cheops total 3056. The

numbers 495 x 6174 = 6669. .

6. Sir Hugh Allen's son took over the company and had the misfortune of having his wife and

two daughters on the Lusitania when it was allegedly torpedoed by a German U-Boat which led

to the USA entering WWI on the side of the British. .

7. There is a significant amount of evidence to believe that the Titanic was sunk by a conspiracy

and not a chunk of ice. In fact, the theory believes that it was the sister ship the Olympic that

sank and not the Titanic at all. and also .

8. Powerful men who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve System mysteriously were on

board the Titanic and drowned. The coast was clear for the FRS and then World War I. .

9. As to the sinking of the Lusitania, the US Government prevented newspapers from running

ads paid by the German Government warning people not to sail on the Lusitania. They wanted

Americans dead to goad the public into war. and .

10. Sir Hugh Allan lived in RavensCrag , his palatial home in Montreal. .

11. It was later donated to Science and became the Allan Memorial Institute. A place to study

Psychiatry. .

12. The Allan Memorial Institute or Ravenscrag became the nesting ground for the evil mind

control experiment and testing operation known as MK ULTRA run by the CIA and others. and .


Again, the idea that the complexity of these matters and the sheer passage of time would allow

any one person or group of people to create, devise and effectuate these events is impossible.

Coincidence, that one family has these connections to these major disturbing events, as an

explanation is stretching credulity. The only other explanation is a complex plan, design or if you

will, conspiracy that must be of super-human design and management. What else can be said?

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