Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zionist Canadian run American Apparel and Cosmopolitan ruin USA Values

There is something wrong in this country. You can feel it...smell it...taste and most definitely

see it. The USA is awash in sexual images. An antichrist / great whore of Babylon "culture" or

kulture has taken root. Everywhere one goes, the grocery store, the convenience store, the

billboards and the cover of nearly every magazine has female nudity and at times male nudity or

both. This always in a sexual context and designed to stimulate sexual appetities to sell products.

There is a vast and inescapable process of sexualization of EVERYTHING that constantly

barrages everyone and increasingly targets children. The music, the movies, the television, the

stores, the products and billboard, the radio and its constant attempt to stretch the envelope

with sexual or scatological innuendo - it never ends. It is by Design. Those behind the design are

Zionists. They are attempting to recreate the culture they experienced in their exile in Babylon,

where they picked up black magick and called it "Judaism".

The present article presents just one small example.



1. American Apparel is the largest clothing company in the USA . It has frequently run into

controversy for using female models that appear to be pre-teen , in very suggestive poses. A

form of K***** P*** "lite" so to speak. This is in direct contradiction to the message of Christ

that one must become as a child, or pure in spirit to enter Heaven. The evil goal here is to make

children impure , as early as possible.

Allegedly Promoting Rape: .

Alleged "exploitation" of "prepubescent models" .

The leader of American Apparel is DOV CHARNEY a "Zionist" -

A "Born Hustler" born to "Jewish Canadian parents". .

Allegedly works in his underwear and went to a 333 addressed High School and High School linked to Blackstone Group and

Skull and Bones - scroll to bottom to see administrators. . 333 is linked to the Illuminati - .


One cannot walk into a grocery store in most of the USA and not see Cosmo at the check-out

counter. It is full of "advice" to women about masturbation, how to cheat on their spouse or

boyfriend, how to engage in exotic or esoteric sexual activities and so forth. Many children that

reach the age at which they can read have to see this and it must be "o.k." since mommy is

there with them at the food store where they purchase their sustenance - if they can afford it.

Cosmopolitan magazine has had its share of controversy for doing this. The editor of Cosmo

and other similar tabloids and magazines, Bonnie Fuller has been called "the devil" and "an evil

genius". .

Bonnie Fuller was allegedly trying to hide her jewish ancestry by changing her real name to

"Fuller" - scroll down 50% .

Bonnie Fuller is a Canadian jewess from Montreal: .

She is now the leader of AMERICAN MEDIA that

was attacked mysteriously with anthrax in the time frame of the 9/11 attacks. As the previous

link indicates Roger Altman and his Evercore company have been the largest shareholders of

American Media since 1999. Altman is a now deceased . He was a "zionist" scroll down 80% .


Jewish persons make up 2% of the USA population yet control a) Hollywood Movie industry;

b) Most major news media outlets both print and TV; c) Are the powers behind the adult porno

movie industry once run by the Italian mob in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles; d)

as can be seen have a role in the sexual degeneracy in clothing and food store porno-lite; control

all of the levers of economic power in the Bush White House - Bernake , Bolten , you name it; e)

comprise the majority of the neocons that led America to a war in Iraq to protect Israel and on

and on............ To speak this is not anti-semitism, it is merely easily obtainable fact.

This article merely exposes another link that is never discussed in public. Until this country

can publicly discuss whether or not such a small group of people can or should have so much

power over EVERYTHING - one must come to the conclusion that we live under ZOG. A

Zionist Occupation Government. We are Palestinians , except unlike the Palestinians we are

brainwashed and have no idea this is happening. Will this change? The choice is yours.

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