Friday, February 29, 2008

666 Divided by Golden Ratio linked to Twin Towers

A series of brief articles will be presented to attempt to prove the theorem that we are , as

human beings subjected to a form of brainwashing linked to architecturally-based subconscious

symbolism by the Illuminati. One article can be ascribed to coincidence, however when one looks

at the facts , can hundreds of examples be ascribed to coincidence? This the reader must decide.

The Evidence:

1. 666 Divided by Phi or the Golden Ration is 411.610637. Go to and insert

666 divided by phi - .

2. To divide is to diminish , to delete, to make smaller and essentially to destroy a number into

its smaller components. This is the opposite as to multiply as in the biblical admonition to be

fruitful and multiply.

3. The Twin Towers were divided into their smaller components on September 11, 2001.

Many claim to have seen the face of the Devil in their destruction and the devil is associated with

the number 666. .

4. The Twin Towers were - repeat - were 411 meters tall before they were reduced or shall we

say divided by the devil or 666 into their smallest , atomized components...correct?

See Twin Towers 411 Meters: scroll down 50% - .


The Golden Ratio or Divine Ratio or Divine Proportion dividing the Devil's Number just

happens to be 411 , the altitude of the Twin Towers - divided structures by design that were

then divided into rubble. All of this with numerous devil faces in the cloud of toxic smoke.

More evidence of a masonic mega-ritual ... or just a puff of smoke? It is up to you to determine.

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Reema dsouza said...

Indeed, this achievement is a real wonder, thank you for this article anyway.

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